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Cristine Reyes Is Back, and She's Not the Same Person We All Once Knew

Far from the sexy screen siren we once saw her as, Cristine Reyes is back in the limelight like we've never seen her before.
Cristine Reyes is not what I expected. Devoid of the usual flock of people celebrities would usually have tagging along as part of their entourage, the actress sauntered in the studio, makeup-free, clad in a loose T-shirt and sneakers. Her most striking

Confessions of a Former Teen Queen: An Open Letter by Kathryn Bernardo

As Preview's March cover girl turns 23 this month, Kathryn Bernardo lets us in on her secret to becoming a superstar in her own right—that is, there is no secret, only hard work.
Dear whoever might be reading this,I’m not sure if you’re doing so because you love me or you hate me. (Or perhaps it’s somewhere in between? I really can’t tell for sure.) But in any case, I’m turning 23 this month, and this

Call Her What You Want, But Yam Concepcion Is Here to Take Over

Meet the new girl everyone loves to hate.
We’ve all seen it happen before: a feisty confrontation between the legal wife and the mistress, complete with slapping and hair-pulling, and occasionally ending with someone’s face being splashed with a glass of water (or, if she’s that unlucky, red wine). The

Bela Padilla Is Not the Kind of Actress You Think She Is

Whether in front of or behind the camera, she always manages to surprise us.
When Bela Padilla arrived on the set of her Preview digital cover shoot and walked over to greet us, it felt as though we were encountering a familiar face from a regularly-frequented café—you feel like you know her, but there is much

Liz Uy Is Home and Faces the New Year Fresh

We catch up with the stylist and It girl, fresh from her L.A. sabbatical.
Los Angeles is a recurring setting in Liz Uy’s work and life that industry insiders and Liz’s legion of followers know to have started two years ago. At that time, the stylist and then emerging international style star was on the verge

Coleen Garcia Is Ready to Say Yes

Our September muse opens up about her life-changing decisions before tying the knot.
Coleen Garcia is everything you can expect from a bride-to-be: happy on the inside, radiant on the outside, and equipped with a contagious smile that lights up the entire room. We’ll tell you what she isn’t, though: the proverbial #bridezilla who’s stressing