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Max Collins Talks About Her Weight Loss Journey After Giving Birth

She also urges women not to feel pressured to lose weight post-pregnancy.
Actress and health enthusiast Max Collins was not used to staying in bed all day, even after her challenging home birth. The 28-year-old had a daily exercise routine consisting of yoga and pilates, and she's been itching to get back to her workout

6 Things You Should Know About Intuitive Eating

What does “honoring your hunger” mean?
Eat whatever you want, whenever you want—for some, this is the ultimate dream. To a certain point, this is what intuitive eating is about, but in a more nourishing, holistic, and sustainable manner.In a nutshell, intuitive eating is about listening to your

How to Indulge in the Holidays Without the Extra Weight Gain

Enjoy the festivities sans the guilt.
Celebrations are indeed in full swing. From office parties to reunion dinners to Christmas cocktails and of course, noche buena, 'tis the season to be feasting. But is this the time to throw sensible eating out the window? Not necessarily. It's rare

This Diet Claims to Be Slimming and Anti-Aging

Here's your Alkaline Diet 101.
Recently, the alkaline diet has joined the roster of it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle trends among wellness aficionados. Why? Here are six of the many reasons: Jennifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham, Gisele Bunchen, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, and Elle Macpherson. When

People Are Apparently Losing Weight with This High-Fat Diet

Here's what you need to know about the Ketogenic Diet.
One of the health tips I personally swear by is cutting down on oil. I try not to eat fried food too often, and avoid frying anything with oil that I can with water. For me, that's healthy. So imagine my surprise

This Diet Delivery Service Will Program Your Body to Burn Fat

Meet the ketogenic diet.
We already know how convenient food delivery services and diet meal plans are. But, there's one food delivery service that's been catching our attention recently, particularly because of how unique its approach to weight loss is–the ketogenic diet.What makes is so interesting?

5 Diet Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

They're sabotaging your weight loss.
What you might think is helping you achieve your fitness goals is probably not cutting it if you feel miserable and, most of all, hungry. There are certain things about weight loss that are pure hearsay and designed to put you in

Why Carbs Aren’t Your Diet’s Enemy

Don't fall victim to fad diets.
A low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet is the go-to for most people who want to lose extra pounds. Eating countless salads, smoothies, and chicken breast for a few weeks or months becomes the usual situation. But does anyone ever ask why? Why low-carb? Why

We Tried These Diet Delivery Services For A Week

So you can pick what YOU like!
Editor: Patricia Dayacap, Associate Fashion and Beauty Editor Diet Delivery Service: Diet Buddy PH | 0916-527-0314 Price per week: P1,700Type: Low calorieCalories per day: 1,200How was your experience? I appreciated how convenient it was. Diet Buddy would deliver the food every morning to the office,

This Clothing Brand Branched Out Into The Delivery Meal Game

Find out why.
Why must Monday come in to ruin what the weekend and I had together? I kid. But here’s how we’re hustling through this day: Food—specifically, Healthy Mondays.It’s a home delivery meal service introduced by retail brand Harlan + Holden when it launched