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3 Modern Ways To Detox Your Life This 2019

Super easy tips right here!
The new year is high time to hit refresh in our lives. This means letting go of negativity and clutter so we can embrace positive energy and have better living space. But if you find yourself stuck and don't know where to

Here's Something No One Tells You About Drinking Lemon Water

This detox recipe might send you on your way to a dentist.
Lemon water might just be the number one detox drink out there. It has a huge set of followers who swear by its detoxifying powers. It's also known to boost our immune system and improve our digestion. You have to admit, it

Here's One Way to Prevent Feeling Burned Out From Work

Gather your workmates for a relaxing party!
When I graduated college, I immediately threw myself into looking for a full-time job. Thankfully, I landed a job that I have always dreamed of. And while my parents and close friends supported me, they also warned me about the possibilities of

These Detox Juices Will Help You Achieve Healthy, Glowing Skin

True beauty is skin deep, after all.
Nothing beats healthy food if you want to effectively pursue your long-term beauty goals. Even if you're busy (or lazy), your diet has to stay on track to keep your skin glowing. And what's a quicker way to get your nutrients in

What to Eat For Your New Year's Detox

Leave all the guilt behind and start fresh.
It's finally time to say sorry to your tummy for an entire month of sinful eating. The new year should beckon a better, healthier you, and the best way to get back in shape is with a new year's detox. But before

How to Detox and Give Your Body a Fresh Start

Treat yo self.
One of the values ingrained in Filipino culture is respect. We were taught that in order to earn respect, it must be given. At a young age, we see this materialize in how we punctuate every sentence with a po and opo or give

4 Easy Ways to Detox After the Holidays

Get rid of that guilt you’re feeling!
The days leading up to the 31st always leave us feeling heavy and guilty. But who can blame us? It would be a sin to let the remains of our holiday buffets go to waste. But with the big NYE bashes coming

Fight a Bulging Tummy with This Magic Drink

This should be enough to keep you from feeling bloated.
December may only be a few days in but we’re pretty sure that your phone's been swamped with Christmas dinner invites by now. And how can you possibly say no to partaking in a sumptuous meal? The only thing that fazes you

2 Yummy Iced Tea Recipes To Help You Slim Down

Earl Grey Lemonade, and Kape Rice Iced. Yum!
Word on the street is Victoria Beckham keeps slim by sipping on pu’erh, an aged dark tea from China. But while the scientific jury’s still out on whether pu’erh's where it’s at - as all teas in general aid metabolism - credentialed tea master Renee Sebastian (fun

What's The Buzz About Lemon Water?

We assure you, it's definitely worth all the hype.
Ever heard of the rumors that Beyoncé and Mariah Carey only drink lemon water when on a diet? There’s no way to know for sure, but if it were true, we can’t blame them. With all the facts that we know about the super

Celebrity Diet: Fitness Is Fashion

Score some food recommendations from our healthy-eating celebs.
When people talk about the word “diet,” a common misconception is usually to go on an eating hiatus and totally discard meal intakes. And for everyone’s sake, we’ll just go ahead and say it out loud: That is not the proper way

The Countdown To Laboracay Begins

With just a month left before one of the most anticipated summer events, we give you tips on how to get your body and mind ready.
It all started with newly employed peeps realizing that the term summer vacation doesn’t exist in world of grown-ups. For the working class, Labor Day is a (sort of) sacred day dedicated to celebrate the fact that they are, well, employed.  Since

Summer Is Just A Hop, Skip, And Jump Away!

Stop procrastinating and start getting that beach body you've been dreaming about!
With the cool breeze slowly dancing away, we know summer is coming, and it's heading straight for our abs (or lack thereof). Don't worry, as always, we've got your back. So here's a list of all the articles we've done on fitness

Beauty Lab: Beat The Bloat

Three editors take on three juice detox programs.
The holidays usually come hand in hand with binge-eating. Let’s face it, our culture puts food at the forefront, and it goes on full blast when the holidays roll around. Between your lola’s sumptuous Noche Buena spread, your tita’s Thanksgiving turkey, and

Neo Spa Ultimate Detox

Managing Editor Eunice Lucero goes for a mid-year cleanse.
I’m no stranger to diets and detox programs and figured the start of July was an opportune time to do another—not only is it a mid-year point, it’s also birthday month. Detoxing before I turned a year older was poetic justice to both body and soul.Nadine