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Meiji Apollo Cheesecake Exists and Here's Where to Get It

This is not a drill!
If you grew up eating Meiji Apollo, then you'll know that its fruity-chocolatey profile is hard to beat. Chances are you probably find yourself hankering for it to this day—and if you're a big fan of the Mt. Fuji-shaped Japanese candy, you're

Here's Where to Buy Mini Versions of Those Minimalist Cakes You See on IG

They're called bento cakes and here's where you can get them!
Have you seen the trendy minimalist cakes on your feed? As pretty and incredibly tempting as these cakes are, sometimes it's not the most practical decision to order a normal-sized minimalist cake, especially if there are only one or three people eating it

This Local Artisanal Ice Cream Shop Will Instantly Transport You to Japan

Graphic designer Mia De Lara creates unique ice cream flavors that will bring back your fondest memories of Japan.
Being cooped up in our own homes have taken different tolls on us. Some have been becoming chefs in their own kitchens while others have learned to become power nesters—always on top of the latest aesthetic home decor trends. But as I

These Funny and Extremely Honest Minimalist Cakes Will Make Your Day

Always remember: honesty is the best policy.
Minimalist cakes are the latest quarantine food trend that's on everyone's social media feed right now. These gorgeous desserts use cake as a blank canvas and are simply frosted with colorful buttercream, often resembling paint strokes. Personalized minimalist cakes come in different designs,

7 Local Online Stores Where You Can Buy Vegan Desserts

Dairy-free, egg-free, and guilt-free goodies right here!
Veganism is barely an alien concept to anyone these days, thanks to celebrities and well-known figures like Ellen Degeneres, Stella McCartney, and Emma Chamberlain (who have long subscribed to the vegan lifestyle, and talk about it openly) bringing this lifestyle to mainstream consciousness. Despite the

Here's How Your Favorite Japanese Mochi Dessert Is Made

Watch the fascinating process here!
When we think of Japan, we can't help but be reminded of savory ramen, freshly-brewed matcha tea, and plates of sashimi. But of course, there's also one Japanese food we can't get enough of: their heavenly mochi! Made from glutinous rice cake

What to Eat For Your New Year's Detox

Leave all the guilt behind and start fresh.
It's finally time to say sorry to your tummy for an entire month of sinful eating. The new year should beckon a better, healthier you, and the best way to get back in shape is with a new year's detox. But before

We Found the Most Beautiful Ice Cream Cakes on Instagram

Introducing the Australian dessert patisserie, Nectar and Stone.
Macarons, ice cream cones, and rose bouquets have already been posted again and again on Instagram, but when we stumbled upon this rosette ice cream concoction by designer desserts @nectarandstone, we couldn't help but be left with awe.IMAGE INSTAGRAM/nectarandstoneThese ice cream cake cones

3 Ice Cream Sandwiches that Taste as Good as They Look

What diet?
When we hear ice cream sandwiches, you’re probably thinking of the monay version we see on the streets. Sorbet pressed in between hot buns, what’s not to love? But as Instagram foodies came to be, desserts don’t just have to be delicious,

5 New Instagrammable Desserts to Try in the Metro

There’s always room for dessert.
Calling everyone with a sweet tooth! We’ve rounded up a list of desserts to satisfy your sugary cravings. From cookies to cakes, we got you and your Instagram feed covered. Check out these drool-worthy treats guaranteed to make your followers hit the

5 Fashion-Themed Cakes You Should Get On Your Birthday

They’re too pretty to be eaten!
Dresses, shoes, bags, and tasteful gifts—these are the main things that enthuse a fashionista every time a special occasion arises. Not to mention, all the latest fashion recommendations they can scoop up from their fellow stylish peers. But another fundamental thing at

10 Instagrammable Desserts to Try in NYC

And they taste just as good as they look!
Social media has changed the game in the food industry with the most IG-worthy dishes winning the race. And if you happen to be a millennial who’s after the prettiest desserts, then you’re going to need to book a flight to New

CHEF'S CHALLENGE: Miko Aspiras Made the Audrey Hepburn of Desserts

Call on him to make custom pastries for your next party.
All hail the new prince of dessert customization.About a week ago, Style Bible challenged award-winning pastry chef Miko Aspiras of Le Petit Soufflé and Scout’s Honor to create a dish we could call the “Audrey Hepburn of all desserts.” We were looking

Sweet Treats On Instagram

These dangerously sweet desserts are just a click away!
Craving dessert? Don’t worry, we’re not here to try and talk you out of your cheat day! After going through that Preview girl work-out, it’s okay to allow yourself that sweet little treat every once in a while. Below, we rounded up