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These Designer Monograms Might Be Back on Trend Sooner Than You Think

Keep an eye out for the imminent return of these luxury logos.
The iconic initials of names like Fendi, Dior, Louis Vuitton, and even heritage leather goods label Goyard have become omnipresent thanks to 2018's rekindled love affair with logomania. Those Zucca Fs and telltale CDs are more than just letters: They're status symbols!

This Is the Real Reason Why Louboutin Heels Have Red Soles

Spoiler alert: They aren't made to be comfy.
In the world of fashion, Christian Louboutin's signature red soles are a status symbol, much like Chanel's interlocking Cs or Goyard's chevron pattern. At award shows and movie premieres, celebrities teeter in the brand's strappy Aqueduchesse sandals, the undersides of their shoes flawlessly

Our Dream High-end Label X High-street Brand Collabs

We're crossing our fingers for these dream teams to come together.
Today, as we witnessed the happenings at the release of the Alexander Wang X H&M collab collection, we couldn’t help but think of other designer labels we want to see work with retail giants. The mental list we came up with was

Designer Shoe Index: How To Spot A Fake Louboutin

Here's what happens when your red soles raise red flags.
Much like designer bags, Christian Louboutin’s famous red-soled shoes top the list of highly counterfeited luxury products in the market. The brand has even taken its stand as it adapted a “zero tolerance” policy on counterfeiting and have placed a comprehensive program

9 Fashion Moments In Music Videos You Might Have Missed

It wasn't just video that killed the radio star but the spiked stilettos that came with it.
Some 30 years ago, MTV invaded the boob tube and killed the radio star by redefining the way most of us listen to music today. In December of last year, Beyoncé dropped her fifth studio album which was described as a “visual

6 Stores That Carry Designer Brands

No need to buy online when designer items are available at our local malls.
You flip through magazines, follow your celebrity idols on Instagram, read online fashion articles, and all you see are designer items. Finances or budget aside, even though you can afford to get a slice of these luxurious works of art with just

Fashion A To Z: The Style Bible Designer Dictionary

We aid your tricky problem with the ever tongue-twisting fashion lexicon.
Can you relate if we tell you that even fashion girls have a handful of read-it-but-never-said-it moments when it comes to hard-to-pronounce labels? It happens, moments where you would rather not say it out loud for fear of mispronouncing them, or worse,