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Janine Gutierrez Has the Best Advice When Investing in Designer Pieces

She highlights that it's important that every purchase is valuable so she can pass it on to her future children.
Preview's latest cover girl, award-winning actress, and model Janine Gutierrez has her own way of building up her designer collection. Whether it's locally or internationally made, what matters the most to her is that every purchase holds a precious memory and value. If you

How to Dress Like the Rich People in K-Dramas

"Artista shades" are a non-negotiable!
Apart from the interesting plots, what we love about K-dramas is, of course, the FASHION. Sure, most characters have a cool sense of style, but it’s really the wealthy characters you have to watch out for. They’re always sporting the trendiest clothes

12 Designer Logo T-Shirts You Can Find Online

It's tee time.
In case you haven't been trawling through the season's freshest crop of street style snaps, here's a newsflash: designer logo tees are positively everywhere, and there are officially a trillion different ways to wear them. But first, let's start with the absolutely