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Seo Ye Ji Is the New Face of This Luxury Brand’s Latest Campaign

The IOTNBO star has definitely become a style icon in her own right.
It’s safe to say that the recently concluded Netflix K-drama It’s Okay to Not Be Okay has solidified Seo Ye Ji’s status as a style star. The actress’ beautiful and chic portrayal of Ko Mun-yeong is undeniably iconic and she became every

This Is the Exact Designer Bag Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Hee Ae Love

Other Korean actresses have sported the bag, too!
Synonymous to their fashionable characters on screen, these Korean actresses are also impeccably stylish in real life. We all know that Korean fashion is elegantly understated—celebrities (sans K-Pop stars) gravitate towards classic and simple silhouettes, muted colors, and sophisticated beauty looks. So

Designer Bag Index: Fendi

Fendi purses have never broken hearts before.
Too many songs in today’s culture have namedropped the Italian luxury label Fendi (i.e. Kanye West’s Don’t Stop!, Kreayshawn’s Gucci Gucci, and Fergie’s Labels or Love). However, not everyone knows about the brand’s rich history, immortalized in their iconic bags that bear

Hermès Handbags Reek Like A Skunk

Hermès Handbags Reek Like A Skunk
What once was highly coveted by many has now become something that repels people from coming close. Recent reports have claimed that customers are enraged and returning their $60000 Hermès bags all because of a funny smell. More than 2200 people have posted

Designer Bag Index: Prada

It's not just a bag, it's Prada.
Functional, practical, and stylish, Prada purses have been referred to as the go-to bags of busy, working women who dominate in their chosen field of work. Its designs are sleek and often free from embellishments making these bags perfect for those who

Designer Bag Index: CÉline

From the Luggage to the Trio, here's the low down on the different bags of Céline.
Coco gave us Chanel before having Karl Lagerfeld take over. Louis Vuitton had Marc Jacobs and now has Nicholas Ghesquiere who came from Balenciaga. If you think about it, most famous high end labels offer a lineage of designers who add more

Designer Bag Index: How To Spot A Fake Chanel

We spill the secrets about what makes the classic flap bag so perfect.
As we said, Chanel’s classic 2.55 bag has its fair share of secrets to spill. And just like every good secret, snooping brownnosers try their best to get the cat out of this perfectly quilted bag by producing replicas close to the

Designer Bag Index: Chanel

Discover the love story sewn into the seams of Chanel's classic bags.
Once upon a time, Coco Chanel fell in love with a wealthy English polo player named Arthur "Boy" Capel. He introduced her to literature and helped her become "Chanel" as he aided in putting up her first shops. Though their story ended

Designer Bag Index: How To Spot A Fake HermÈs Birkin

Here's how you can spot the diff between an authentic and a fake.
Picking out a cute pair of shoes for the price of Php5000 is an easy task, and an even easier one is finding a bag to match with it. So why do some still feel the need to blow cash on luxury

Designer Bag Index: How To Spot A Fake Louis Vuitton

Can you spot the difference between the real deal and a cheap knockoff?
Wearing the wrong pair of shoes, too many trends, or something that’s outright tacky are fashion faux pas that can easily be redeemed by a killer outfit that nails it, and of course never repeating the said faux pas. But if there’s

Designer Bag Index: Givenchy

It's time to give in to Zshee-von-shee.
In late 2006, French label Givenchy introduced the Nightingale. Named after Florence Nightingale, a nurse known for her pioneering work during the Crimean war, the bag with its simple and relaxed design became the chic alternative to the utilitarian trend.Gaining an “it”

Designer Bag Index: HermÈs

From Jane Birkin to Grace Kelly, get to know the stories behind three of Hermès' most popular pieces.
Long before Marc Jacobs named bags after Bryan Boy and Jessica Stam, the house of Hermès started it all in 1956 by renaming its sac à dépêches to Kelly after the actress-turned-princess, Grace Kelly, used the purse to conceal a baby bump.Today, its various

Designer Bag Index: Balenciaga

Get to know 11 different styles from its famed Motorcycle line.
[UPDATED 7/29/17 2:08 PM]Known for its fringes, thimble-like hardware, and super soft leather, the Lariat, or the "Motorcycle bag" as it came to be known, almost never hit it off after then creative director Nicholas Ghesquiere's bosses called the original version too far