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Here’s Where You Can Soon Lease Designer Pieces to Wear Out

You're one step closer to slipping into that fantastic look.
Have you ever spent your whole month's salary on a designer piece for that extra special event, only to find it months later gathering dust in your closet? Add in the crippling realization that you just spent an obscene amount of money

We Found a Website That Offers Designer Clothing for Rent

Borrow a Marchesa, Brandon Maxwell, or Vera Wang for a day.
When you’re someone who is highly visible and gets photographed almost every time, borrowing an outfit that you’ll only get to wear once makes way more sense than paying for it in full price. Enter, which loans high-fashion pieces for four

Vania Romoff's 6 Simple Tips For Making Your Office Look Expensive

Vania's atelier is a clear reflection of her design aesthetic: subtle and sophisticated.
Zoom in on small texts the chic way by using a vintage magnifying glass.Whether it’s a room filled with artworks or something more minimal, we all want a work space that’s fit for a queen. How do you do so? Here are