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10 Must-See Celebrity Bathrooms

These private spaces feature sleek marble finishes, top-notch fixtures, and an undeniable spa-like appeal.
A bathroom tells a lot about a person. Aside from giving a peek into one’s shower habits, the accessories, scents, and little details also speak volumes as to how the owner values his or her pamper routine. We’re sure you’ll agree when

See All the Glitz and Glamour from the Red Charity Gala

It was a night of ball gowns.
As soon as I entered the venue for this year’s Red Charity Gala, I felt a different energy take over the room. Usually when one declares a formal dress code, there’s a certain reluctance to participate in the pomp and circumstance that

Local Celebs Join In The #icebucketchallenge

It's our local stars' turn to sport dripping wet clothes for a good cause.
As silly as it may seem, you can’t deny how funny it is to watch Hollywood celebrities and even fashion authorities dumping a bucket of ice over their heads. And now to keep the thread rolling, we’ve spotted some of our local


Get to know the celebrities who showed their support for Manny Pacquiao's big fight tomorrow!
LBC's #MoveItForManny campaign got our whole country raising their fists to show support for our very own People's Champ, Manny Pacquaio. Every photo posted on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using that hashtag had their usernames printed on Manny's boxing wraps, as a way