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7 Local Celebrities Who Opened Up About Dealing with Anxiety and Depression

Celebs have decided to use their platforms to open up about their own mental health.
It isn't easy to open up about our experiences, especially when it comes to personal struggles. You shouldn't have to if you don't feel comfortable doing it yet, but know that there are people willing to listen to your experiences when you're

Ellen Adarna Reveals She Suffered from Depression and Anxiety

"I was in a very dark place for two years, almost three years...I didn't have feelings. I just felt like a robot."
On March 26, 31-year-old actress Ellen Adarna opened up about her battle with mental illness, which affected her gravely for nearly three years."I was in a very dark place for two years, almost three years. I thought I wasn't gonna snap out of

Burnout Is Now Officially Recognized as an "Occupational Phenomenon"

Burnout is real, and here are signs you might be suffering from it.
Remember those times when you felt sick and tired of work that you had to force yourself out of bed while fighting back an awkward tummy ache and feelings of anxiety, because you just really, really didn't want to go back to your

These Hauntingly Beautiful Photos Capture the Struggle of Depression

Photographer Ritz Marie raises awareness on mental health through her work.
Depression and anxiety have been a constant topic of interest circulating in mainstream media for the past few years. With TV shows like 13 Reasons Why and high-profile cases of suicide involving K-pop star Jong Hyun and more recently that of the late designer Kate Spade, the

Here's What We Can All Learn from Sarah Geronimo’s Breakdown

The pop queen's outburst was a cry for help.
Performing at a sold-out arena here and abroad is nothing new for 29-year-old pop superstar Sarah Geronimo. And yet, something was amiss when she took the Las Vegas stage last weekend.Clearly exhausted and sleepless from a grueling tour schedule, Sarah broke down

Hello, Everyone. Meet My Depression

One woman shares the fears in her head because of the mental illness.
Tell me what you did today. Did you get in the car and drive to work? Did you send someone a message? Maybe plan a trip abroad for the holidays?My turn. Today, I went on a long road trip with my family.

Kryz Uy Opens Up About How Social Media Contributes to Depression

"I want people to know that no one is perfect and we should stop comparing our lives to other people’s highlight reels."
Kryz Uy may be a social media celebrity herself, but she’s not apathetic to the important issues surrounding her. Being one of the country’s top bloggers, she knows that she has a voice—and she intends to use that to debunk one of

Even Barbie Feels Sad Sometimes and That's Totally Okay

You're not alone.
Barbie has always been deemed perfect. Apart from her smooth skin, long hair, and hourglass body, she seems to be leading the good life. She is surrounded with friends, living the life in Malibu, and even has Ken by her side. But

Here's One Way to Prevent Feeling Burned Out From Work

Gather your workmates for a relaxing party!
When I graduated college, I immediately threw myself into looking for a full-time job. Thankfully, I landed a job that I have always dreamed of. And while my parents and close friends supported me, they also warned me about the possibilities of