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15 Summer Wardrobe Staples Every Girl Needs, As Seen on Angelina Cruz

The Gen Z beach babe can teach us a thing or two about summer-ready pieces!
Regardless of your personal style, it's always worth investing in classic closet essentials. Although not as fun as trendy pieces, these solid staples will actually stay stylish forever. And what better time than summer to update your day-to-day selection? Our advice: Take

OMG, Brandy Melville Now Ships to the PH!

Here’s everything we’re shopping.
In case you missed it, Brandy Melville now ships to the Philippines, and yep, we’re freaking out! The Italian-founded company announced last August 4 that they are now shipping to the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia.The brand is famous for its trendy clothes

Janine Gutierrez Is Making a Case for Denim Bermuda Shorts

Ready to hop on this trend yet?
There are many denim-related fashion trends that have come and gone. But its latest iteration has got to be one of the most controversial yet: knee-length shorts. Denim bermuda shorts, "jorts" (jean + shorts), or denim bike shorts–whichever name you prefer to call

Would You Wear These Upside-Down Shorts?

...and pay P20,000 for a pair?
Designers are always up to the challenge of coming up with creative ways to reinterpret denim. From detachable jeans to barely-there pants, denim's recently been subjected to some crazy trends.As if that wasn't enough, here's one more unconventional design that's gaining popularity

What to Wear with Your Denim Shorts This Summer

The answer to your denim dilemma.
The only trend that continues to traverse decades, erratic weather changes, and different occasions is denim. From our dungarees, to skinny jeans, to button-front skirts, we can never run out reasons to love it. What may be scarce, however, is what to