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Here Are Stylish Ways to Wear Sneakers to the Office

Fashion inspo right here!
Most offices ask their employees to adhere to a certain dress code. It's an understandable and reasonable rule to keep everyone aligned with the company's image. But if you belong to a workplace that doesn't have a strict dress code, then you're

How to Wear Office-Friendly Denim for Casual Fridays

Who says denim is too casual?
Gone are the days when pencil skirts and suits are your only options for office dressing. Nowadays, even denim can pass for appropriate workwear—if you know which piece to wear and how to style them. Don't believe us? Read on and learn

How to Wear Denim to the Office Like a Fashion Girl

Yes, you can.
Did someone say casual Friday?! Whether we heard that right or not, there are still some factors you need to consider when toning things down at the end of the week—after all, you're in the office, and you've got a stylish rep