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The Different Types of Denim Silhouettes

Dissect the jean pool.
When it comes to denim, miscommunications are pretty common. Imagine this scenario: You could be shopping for a new pair of slim-cut pants, and a saleslady directs you to a rack of skinny jeans. What's the difference, you ask? Does it even

A Girl's Guide To Caring For Denim

Great jeans are rare gems so best take care of yours.
Great jeans are hard to come by. Yes, there may be a ton of selections offered in the market, but finding a pair that fits like a glove and comes in the right wash is a rare occurrence.Like you, we care greatly

Denim Glossary: The Jeans Family

We want you to go beyond just the boyfriend.
Moving forward with our Denim Glossary Series, we want to clarify a common misconception with the denim trousers everyone’s mad about, the boyfriend jeans. Ladies, just because it’s baggy, cuffed, and distressed doesn’t mean it’s boyfriend material. We know, even the stores

Denim Glossary: Different Styles Of Jeans

How do you like your jeans?
On the fourth installment of our Denim Glossary series, we're moving on to the various styles we all know and love. Plain denim made to be worn forever is great, but you know us ladies, sometimes we just can’t help but crave

Denim Glossary: The Jean Rise For Your Body Type

We explain the different rises and what it can do for you.
Rise is the distance from the middle of the crotch seam to the top of the waistband. In the world of retail, there are only three types that you should care about: the high-rise, mid-rise, and the low-rise. Before we begin, we