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5 Celebs Who Celebrated Their Debuts in 2021 (So Far)

These young stars had their respective coming-of-age festivities early on this year.
We're through with the first half of 2021 (Can you believe it?). So far, several debutantes—even those who had their 18th birthday last year but couldn't celebrate the way they wanted to because of lockdown restrictions—already had their respective coming-of-age festivities early on this year.Aside

15 Filipina Celebrities and Their Gorgeous Debut Outfits

Which one's your fave?
Choosing a debut gown (or suit, or jeans-and-shirt combo) isn't just about matching a theme, it's capturing a side of yourself you want the world to finally see. (Of course, the OOTD is just one part of it, the rest is still

Ylona Garcia Was an Absolute Stunner at Her 18th Birthday Party

She didn't disappoint in the beauty department, as usual.
Ylona Garcia is no longer the wide-eyed 13-year-old you saw in Pinoy Big Brother. She's now a lady in her own right, celebrating her coming of age in a glamorous, 1950s-themed debut.To match the party's all-red motif, the young singer-songwriter donned a

Ylona Garcia Transformed Into a Glamorous Princess for 18th Birthday

Her debutante dress was literally glowing, too!
Since Ylona Garcia dropped her fun, '50s-inspired pre-debut video last January, we've been on our toes waiting for the official theme of the debut itself. Well, Ylona held her much-anticipated celebration last night, and it appears that she took guests back to a

Daniel Padilla Was the Sweetest Kuya at His Sister Magui Ford’s Debut

He even tried to ward off the boys from her. LOL!
If you're an older sibling, then you've probably experienced being in denial and extra protective as you witness your younger sisters gracefully mature with age. Case in point: Daniel Padilla, whose sister Magui Ford has finally turned of legal age. Last night, she celebrated her

This Celestial-Themed Debut Is Every Starry-Eyed Girl's Fantasy

You'll be over the moon with envy!
Every girl deserves a lavish celebration once they hit the big 1-8, and what else screams grandiose than an entire galaxy descending at your feet? Case in point: Kaye Sotingco's tastefully out of this world debut. Held at The Manila Hotel, Kaye kicked

You Have to See This Spectacular "Crazy Rich Asians" Themed Debut

So many elements were inspired by the movie!
A tastefully opulent feast for the eyes, the movie adaptation of Crazy Rich Asians remains a popular style peg for grand events, more than a year after its release. Just take it from Christine Lim Catacutan, who celebrated the big 1-8 with a

You Have To See This Breathtaking Autumn-Themed Debut

Scroll through below to see all the gorgeous photos.
A transitional season to signify maturity, the warm and crisp atmosphere of autumn can serve as the perfect theme for a debut. Just take it from now 18-year old Jianna Gerial and her awe-inspiring autumnal celebration. Rife with the color of a

You Have to See the Golden Glam of Angelina Cruz for Her Debut!

We love how her eye shadow matched her dress!
Angelina Cruz is officially 18! Technically speaking, the singer has been of legal age for a few days now, since her actual birthday was on September 24, where she had a simple birthday countdown with her family, but she just celebrated her debut this

You Have to See This Magical Mermaid-Themed Debut

This girl lived out her ocean princess dreams!
A girl's 18th birthday is often attributed to a grand celebration of her transition into adulthood. It's the one special day where all her young hopes and dreams can come into fruition. Whatever she so desires, her parents oblige. For Eunice Trinidad,

This Galaxy-Themed Debut Is Out of This World

This 18-year-old had the universe celebrating her big day.
How do you announce your coming of age into the world? With a big bang, of course–and that's exactly what 18-year-old Bianca Palad did! It seems the stars aligned for the birthday girl as she celebrated her Milky Way-themed debut at the Marriot

All the Details of Frankie Pangilinan’s Old Hollywood Debut Look

We snapped the scenes before the big event!
Frankie Pangilinan is no stranger to the spotlight. Growing up with public figures as parents—Sharon Cuneta and Kiko Pangilinan—she has always lived under close observation of the public eye since she was a little girl. Last Saturday, December 15th, Frankie showed to

Here's What Juliana Gomez Wore to Her Disco-Themed Debut

Boogie on down!
It's official: Juliana Gomez ain't a baby no more! The budding beauty celebrated her momentous 18th birthday with a disco-themed debutante fête, and you'll want to check out the two looks she rocked. Scroll!First up, this gossamer yet decadent white mini dress

LOTD: Taki Saito Wore This Instead of a Gown for Her 18th Birthday

Major Coachella vibes.
An 18th birthday party usually isn't complete without a ball gown, but it's 2018—such grandeur is no longer the norm. Taki Saito, for example, ditched the princess theme for a Coachella-inspired, tropical celebration for her big day. She even kept her outfit

LOTD: All the Local Designers Isabelle Duterte Wore to Her Debut

Here's the lowdown on her lavish 18th birthday celebration.
Isabelle Duterte entered womanhood in the most elaborate gowns. Since her pre-debut shoot at the Malacañang Palace, we've already had a hunch that her actual celebration would be just as lavish and opulent. Let's take a look at all their preparations before