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8 Reasons Why You Have Dark Underarms

Avoid these sneaky culprits whenever you can!
While a huge pimple in the middle of your face is an obvious confidence killer, dark underarms are just as bad, too! Girls with dark underarms often feel embarassed and end up limiting themselves—from avoiding tank tops like the plague to not

5 Reasons Why You Have Dark Underarms

It's not too late to save your armpits.
Flawless skin is a must for every girl. It doesn't simply boost our self-confidence, it also removes restrictions on what we can wear. For example, have you ever stopped yourself from wearing a sleeveless shirt because you have dark underarms? It's difficult

Here’s the Best Way to Lighten Dark Knees and Elbows

Let them be bright!
Your elbows and knees experience abuse because of constant friction from various habits such as leaning and kneeling. These cause the areas to be dark and rough. But if you're aiming for smoother and lighter elbows and knees, check out our tips