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You Can Watch and Learn Ballet on Ballet Philippines’ New Website

From workouts to full performances!
On its 51st season, Ballet Philippines is determined to bring the art of dance to its audience even from a virtual space. They’ve officially launched their website where they have a number of offerings for dancers and spectators alike.Whether you’re a

Here's Where the Word "Voguing" Really Came From

Throwing shade has never looked this good.
Before you say anything, no, voguing did not originate from that one Madonna song. It's quite the opposite actually; it was the pop star who took inspiration from the 1970s dance movement to create her '90s cultural hit. Characterized by boxy, rigid

Watch Vivoree Esclito Do the K-Pop Dance Challenge in Heels

Our November cover girl is quite the dancer!
Our November cover girl Vivoree Esclito isn’t just a good actress; she’s quite the dancer, too! When we asked her to do a dance challenge in heels, she immediately requested, “Can it be K-pop?”—and of course, how could we say no to

Ballet Manila's New Initiative Pays Tribute to Filipino Dance Talents

Because a lifetime performing is worth all the blood, sweat, and tears.
We can only imagine the challenges that pepper a professional dancer's path: exhaustion, injury, sky-high standards, and achingly long hours being just a few. So when one perseveres, there is more than enough reason to celebrate.Last April 29 was International Dance Day

To the Barre: What It's Like to Be a Ballerina In Manila

It’s so much more than just looking pretty in a tutu.
Have you ever watched a ballet and sighed at the impeccable beauty the dancers exude as they float on stage? Were you ever enrolled by your parents in ballet class when you were four or five just because, well, you’re a girl

Watch: Designer Sophia Webster is Making Us Jealous of Her Dancing Skills

Mad props to Nicholas Kirkwood's protégé.
Some people are just born multi-talented and Brit shoe designer, Sophia Webster is one of them. The young talent who brought a whole new meaning to the meaning of fun footwear with her butterfly-winged steppers, color-splotched stilettos, and flamingo-heeled pumps, is also

11 Fun Workouts To Include In Your 2015 Bucket List

Because simply hitting the gym is so 2014.
Everyone knows that we only truly feel the result of our December sins in January. Today is our first day back to the daily grind and instead of complaining about how you didn’t even feel the break (it was actually pretty lengthy),

Summer Is Just A Hop, Skip, And Jump Away!

Stop procrastinating and start getting that beach body you've been dreaming about!
With the cool breeze slowly dancing away, we know summer is coming, and it's heading straight for our abs (or lack thereof). Don't worry, as always, we've got your back. So here's a list of all the articles we've done on fitness

Beauty Lab: Trainstation Studio

Read about Kabbie's month-long experience on Trainstation's dance floor.
Weight gain has never been a problem for me until I turned 25. I was one of those skinny girls who can eat two cups of rice and not look bloated at all. Flat abs? I had that before, but as the

The Angels' Secret, Revealed!

It's time to close those jaws and start working(out) for the summer.
“Those abs are ridiculously perfect!" "I’m as tall as their legs, why are they so hot?!” Are these your usual reactions when watching the Victoria’s Secret Angels walk the runway? If you admit to feeling jealous then you might wanna read on.As we

Georgina's Playlist

Our cover girl shares what's currently on loop in her music player.
Who here loves listening to good music? It doesn’t matter what your preference is, music relaxes, excites, and everything in between. Whether you're working out or out with your friends for drinks, we believe the music you listen to is reflection of

Preview Ball 2013

We put on our dancing shoes for this year's biggest fashion party. Take a peek!
See more party galleries, videos, and features with our complete coverage of the Preview Best Dressed Ball 2013 here!

Preview Ball

We begin the countdown to the much-awaited Preview Ball 2013.
#PreviewBall2013 is still a few days away but we can’t hide our excitement any longer. While we wait to see and of course share everyone’s outfits, we decided to put together looks inspired by this year’s theme: Dancing Shoes. We’ll be coming

Work Wear Diaries: Georcelle Dapat

G-Force's Artistic Director shows how to rock street style the crazy, sexy, cool way.
She’s feisty, she’s cool, and she’s a force to reckon with. The woman behind the “G” in G-Force has certainly made her mark in the entertainment scene, spearheading the most sought-after dance group who brought the art of movement to the next

Stylesetter: Kryz Uy

Learn how to put together her classic yet girly look.
We love how Kryz Uy, fashion blogger and former ballet dancer, combined neutral colors and classic silhouettes but with an edge.Click on the photo gallery to shop the look.

Dancing Shoes

Excited for the Preview Ball? We put together five looks you can rock for the evening.
The much-awaited Preview Ball is just around the corner and we're getting a lot of questions about the dress code and how to put it together. This year’s focus is all about your favorite pair of dancing shoes!We put together five looks