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These Affordable Hair Masks Made Me Skip My Keratin Treatment

We tried it for a week and we loved the results!
Keratin is a common ingredient you'll find in hair products, which won't be surprising if you know that it's an essential protein that helps make your locks smoother and healthier. Cream Silk's Triple Keratin Rescue conditioners, for one, might be the newest

How to Bring Your Beach-Damaged Hair Back to Life

Hit reset on your post-vacay locks.
After your beach trips, it's important to bring your hair back to base condition. Spritz these products on and look alive:Use Aveda's Brilliant Spray-On Shine (P1838, Freyja, Glorietta 2) when you feel like your hair is both flat and dead or frizzy.

Here's How This Girl Successfully Revived Her Curly Hair

Ria Fernandez gives us the lowdown on the Curly Girl Method.
At 31, Ria R. Fernandez had to unlearn everything she thought she knew about hair care. She's had curly hair since she was born, but an unfortunate incident happened when she was a young girl, which led her to start damaging her

How Julie Ann San Jose Keeps Her Hair Soft and Healthy

Find out how she makes it through daily heat styling!
As a singer, it's part of Julie Ann San Jose's job to have fabulous hair every time she goes on stage. Which means, she literally bumps heads with curling irons, blow driers, and hairspray almost daily, and her risk of getting damaged

Keratin-porosis? Ick!

Pantene's newest hair tandem promises to restore hair to its virgin state.
If you’ve never heard of keratin-porosis, listen up. For those ladies who love their locks, I’m sure y’all know constant washing is bad for the scalp. But what you don’t know is that the copper ions found in our water (yes, the

13 Shampoos For Every Hair Type

Thanks to these on target shampoos, good hair days are finally here to stay.
We’ve been using shampoos since we were babies; it’s as basic as drinking water or putting on your underwear.  So, it’s necessary to get introduced to the bubble-makers that will make your mane satiny soft, and lustrous as it grows, and of

Hair Rehab

Hair woes, be damned! We offer a bevy of solutions to tame your mane.
As long, flowing hair is marked as a woman’s crowning glory, it’s only right to take extra steps to care for your strands. But as life would have it, the road to luscious hair is littered with pot holes like hair fall,