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12 Years Later, the Original Daenerys Targaryen Speaks Up About "Game of Thrones"

She also had something to say about Emilia Clarke, who wasn't the first choice for the role.
Did you know that Emilia Clarke wasn’t the original Daenerys Targaryen? Before the now big-shot Hollywood actress ruled over our screens as the Mother of Dragons on Game of Thrones, someone else had already taken on the role. English actress Tamzin Merchant was

Emilia Clarke Reveals She Doesn't Like Being Called the "Mad Queen"

Here's what the Game of Thrones star really feels about her character's ending.
Game of Thrones aired its last episode yesterday, and as expected, the viewers' opinions on Daenerys Targaryen's fate are divided. One opinion you probably should know about, however, is Emilia Clarke's. In an interview with the New Yorker, the actress reveals how

The 10 Most Memorable Fashion Moments on Game of Thrones, Ranked

Winter may have arrived, but these ladies are heating up the Seven Kingdoms with their fashionable looks.
The women of Westeros, Essos, and beyond have shown incredible strength throughout the death, destruction, and despair that surround the world of Game of Thrones—and they sure looked good while they’re at it. They also stay true to the famous sayings, Valar

Emilia Clarke Underwent Brain Surgeries While Filming "Game of Thrones"

The actress opens up about her battle against two life-threatening aneurysms.
Anyone who’s already seen HBO’s Game of Thrones—especially the avid ones who’ve followed the series season after season—would agree in a heartbeat that Daenerys Targaryen is one of, if not the strongest female character in the show. She is, after all, Khaleesi

You Probably Missed These Crucial Details About Daenerys' New Costumes

Her style evolution could be the key to understanding her fate in the series.
A few years ago, if one wanted to dress as Daenerys Targaryen for Halloween, a draped gown with a flowy, feminine silhouette would have been the obvious choice of costume. But as we’ve been seeing in the seventh season, that’s no longer

You Have to See This Game of Thrones-Inspired Wedding Shoot

Don’t worry, no poisoned wine and cold-blooded massacre involved here.
People of the Seven Kingdoms (or not), rejoice! This themed photo shoot will help you achieve the Game of Thrones wedding you’ve been dreaming of—the dragons are totally optional.IMAGE Katherine Elena PhotographyWhether you’re planning a wedding of your own or simply counting

The Mother of Dragons Gives Advice to Her Teenage Self

“You’re worth it.”
English actress Emilia Clarke might seem ferocious onscreen portraying Game of Thrones’ mother of dragons, but in real life, we bet Daenerys Targaryen makes a really good friend. For starters, she can give spot-on advice when it comes to love, career, family,

8 Things We’ve Learned from Emilia Clarke’s Red Carpet Style

This year’s sexiest woman alive is also one of the most stylish stars today.
We’ve seen her on the battlefield, conquering cities and putting an end to slavery as Game of Thrones’ blonde-haired Khaleesi, Daenerys Targaryen. But even on the red carpet, the British actress Emilia Clarke proves time and time again that there’s more to

Who Wore It Better: Denise Laurel Or Ruffa Gutierrez?

There can only be one mother of dragons. Who do you think deserves to sit on the iron throne?
Only during Halloween are we allowed to be someone else other than ourselves. At least for a night, we can be whoever we want to be─ a superhero, a villain, a princess, or even a character from our favorite TV show. It’s

10 Of Our Favorite Tv Hairstyles

These fictional characters got some serious hair game goin' on.
Everyone knows that a hairstyle can define a character as much as their wardrobe. From Jill Munroe’s flipped out waves to Sansa Stark’s intricate braids, we take a trip down memory lane and list down our favorite TV hairstyles that have crept