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Here's Why Public Proposals Are More Problematic Than Romantic

"When things go wrong, it is always the girl's fault for 'embarrassing [the man]'," said sociologist Ash Presto.
Over microphone, in a stadium of sports fans and for the internet to later see, celebrity athlete Ricci Rivero asked actress Andrea Brillantes to be his girlfriend, marking a grand finale to a period of courtship that came as a surprise to

"Happiness" Is Number 1 on Netflix Right Now—Should You Watch It?

The zombie K-drama easily got everyone hooked as soon as it was released on the streaming site.
Netflix’s Top 10 list is often a snapshot of the trending movies and TV shows leading the conversations in today’s culture, from gripping K-dramas like Twenty-Five Twenty-One and Squid Game, to monumental TV series like Bridgerton and The Queen’s Gambit. Ever since its release

"Snowdrop" Just Aired But Koreans Already Want It Cancelled—Here's Why

A number of advertisers have already pulled out from the drama.
UPDATE, December 21, 2021: JTBC released an official statement on the matter after the petition reached 300,000 signatures.Read their full response below:"First of all, the background and motif for important incidents in 'Snowdrop' are the time of military regime. With this background, it

What is a Travel Insurance and Why Is It an IATF Travel Requirement?

If you're traveling any time soon, you might want to read this.
Although travel restrictions are easing, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we are back to normal. Under the current Alert Level 2, permission has been extended to internationally outbound Filipinos with leisure-driven itineraries. But there’s an added catch: Those traveling on short-term or

Not Another Cinderella Story: Why the Fairy Tale Keeps Getting Remade

Be honest. How many Cinderella movies have you seen in your lifetime?
When Lily James’ Cinderella was announced in 2015, there was no shortage of complaints via articles and social media posts online asking, “Do we really need another Cinderella movie?” The reaction was no different six years later after Amazon Prime’s remake of

Everything You Need to Know About the Controversies Surrounding Nas Daily and the “Whang-Od Academy”

The vlogger is in hot water for exploiting the culture of indigenous tattoo artist Whang-Od.
Known for his one-minute long videos exploring different countries, Nas Daily has been incriminated for cultural misappropriation regarding “Whang-Od Academy.” The vlogger launched “Nas Academy” last year, a platform for Filipinos to learn a variety of topics from esteemed instructors and professionals. Among

Here's the Real Reason Why Olympians Bite Their Medals

We finally know why!
It’s a familiar sight on Olympic podiums, winning athletes biting their medals with triumphant grins plastered on their faces, while the world watches on, the act already routine to them. Though most viewers won’t question it anymore the way no one would

Here's the Special Meaning Behind Princess Diana's New Statue in London

Prince William and Prince Harry reunited yesterday in Kensington Palace to unveil the statue.
Prince William and  Prince Harry reunited yesterday, July 1, to celebrate their mother, Princess Diana’s 60th birthday. To commemorate the would-have-been milestone along with her 20 death anniversary, the brothers unveiled a new statue of the late Diana at the Sunken Garden