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Hindy Weber-tantoco's Culte Femme: Summer 2011

Culte Femme is harking to the '70s for a print-and-pattern fashion fix.
Hindy Weber-Tantoco is loving the glam and colorful noise of the '70s, rehashing the bold color choices and loud prints and patterns of the boisterous era for Culte Femme this summer.An array of palm prints, polka dots, geometric patterns and luxe metallics

Decadent Hindy

The Culte Femme designer celebrates a decade in the fashion industry.
Unapologetically sexy, fiercely chic, bold and tastefully provocative—this is the Culte Femme woman, and none other than its founder and designer, Hindy Weber-Tantoco, embodies this essence more. Hindy herself is the epitome of the woman she designs for, and with ten years