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7 Chic Ways to Wear Your Culottes in the Office

It's more versatile than you think!
In between pants and skirts, culottes exist—and they are so comfortable to wear. The cropped, wide-legged pants have room for movement yet still carry that same professional vibe you get from wearing black slacks. It's no surprise that they've become a workwear staple! If you need inspiration on how to maximize yours,

12 Incredibly Easy and Stylish Ways to Wear Culottes

We have chic ootd ideas for you.
Gauchos, cropped wide leg pants, square pants...whatever you want to call them, culottes have a special place in our closets because they're easy to style and super comfortable to wear. They're great alternatives to skirts when you need more room to move

LOTD: Are Bermuda Shorts Returning To Replace Culottes This 2019?

Maybe it's time to say goodbye to "square pants."
Bermuda shorts sure had their time in the sun back in the 2000s—remember how Blair Waldorf paired them with polo shirts and vintage Chanel purses to equal the pinnacle of prep school cool? For a while after they became passé, culottes (a.k.a. "square

8 Outfit Combos You Can Wear with Your Culottes

Style tips right this way, ladies!
Culottes, gauchos, wide-leg trousers—however you want to call them—will never go out of style. Especially this summer, as the temperature rises, the weather demands for a more practical and comfortable pair of bottoms. When your pants feel too restricting that you're in

5 Ways to Wear Culottes

Loose and cool, fit for every occasion.
Culottes have been around since the '20s. It's the perfect lounge pair of bottoms to wear for when you can't be bothered to wear a skirt or some tight-fitting pants. Mind you, it's also a great alternative to dresses. It's a garb

How to Rock Culottes Like a Stylish Celebrity

Learn how it's done.
Essentially long shorts or cropped trousers, culottes are our new official must-have bottoms. These shorts have been tickling our fancy since late last year. And now, it's relishing its turn on the spotlight. Incredibly chic and easy to style for a lazy

SHOP AHEAD: The Very Best Buys from Mango A/W 2015

Know what to buy before you raid the store.
After sale season, drops the Autumn-Winter offerings of our favorite fast fashion labels. If you’re over the Spring Summer pile and would like to get ahead of the pack, then you might as well check out the list we’ve already sorted out

(updated) Who Wore It Better: Julia Barretto Or Kim Chiu?

Both ladies looked hot in red, but who sizzled more than the other?
There’s no question that Kim Chiu and Julia Barretto are two of the hottest leading ladies in the local entertainment industry today. But aside from being celebrities in their own right, they also share a few other things in common particularly in

15 Cool Culottes That Will Upgrade Your Style Game

Add some flair to your wardrobe with this season's coolest must-have!
You already got schooled on what’s cool, so now it’s your turn to try this trend that our celebrities are currently mad about─ the culottes! Whether you want them in plain solids or printed patterns ending mid-calf and normally cut wide, consider

Trend Alert: Culottes

These celebs will get you schooled on the new cool.
They say that something does not officially become a trend unless the celebrities start wearing it. Whether or not that’s true, this we know for sure— the culottes are definitely back this season! We've been seeing more of it on the runway