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10 Soft Girl Outfits to Wear If You Want to Try Out the Aesthetic

There's no harm in trying out new looks!
The uber-popular "soft girl" aesthetic can seem pretty nebulous—it's not as singular as cottagecore or punk, and notably merges borrowed elements from adjacent aesthetics. It's a cozy, watered-down cousin to the theatrical e-girl aesthetic, and also shares some shapes and color schemes

10 Double Tap-Worthy Ways to Wear Trendy Crochet Tops

Hop on the crochet craze!
Leisurely scrolling through the ‘gram likely will likely lead you to find trendy crochet tops, which have been all the rage as of late. You’ve probably spotted international celebrities like Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid donning groovy crochet pieces, whether for a

Here's Where You Can Shop the Cutest Crochet Items on Instagram

Brb, adding these to our Christmas wish list.
One trend that's probably made its way into your social feed is crochet. ICYDK, crocheting is a process that requires a hook and some yarn where you make loops and stitches to create beautiful pieces. Whether it's a high school batchmate whose