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This Beauty Vlogger Just Made History and Here's Why

CoverGirl is on a roll!
Continuing its efforts in being more inclusive when it comes to approach to beauty, CoverGirl launches its newest mascara campaign that is probably the brand's most diverse one yet. Apart from featuring James Charles, their first ever male ambassador, it also includes the brand's newest

How to Build a Starter Kikay Kit for Under P2000

Choose which product you should invest good money in!
Girls consider makeup not just as a form of self-expression but also as a basic necessity. Used to enhance our innate beauty, makeup brings us the confidence we need to face our daily workload. But if you’re someone who’s just beginning to

You’ll Never Guess Who the Newest CoverGirl Ambassador Is!

This marks a huge leap in the world of makeup.
CoverGirl makes history as they name their first ever male ambassador on Instagram. Joining Katy Perry, Sofia Vergara, Pink, Ellen, and Queen Latifah, beauty YouTuber James Charles fronts the big beauty brand as one of its newest faces.You may recall this 17-year-old

10 of the Best Cry-Proof Mascaras

Say goodbye to raccoon eyes!
Tired of your mascara running? Then you might want to try these:Maybelline, The Falsies, P499, WatsonsSince this drugstore gem came out, it’s become a staple in makeup artists’ kits. Very affordable and true to its name, it instantly makes you look like you

The Olsen Twins Deal With Interns and the Week in Review

Indeed, the force was strong.
CoverGirl goes intergalactic. Word Count: 3Bookings are but a swipe away.Word Count: 9Pinterest goes public, no invite required. Word Count: 6The Row reaps what it sows—err, sews.Word Count: 8Claudia Barretto threw the best birthday party ever!Word Count: 8

Drop Everything - CoverGirl is Launching a Star Wars Collection

Come to the Philippines, you must.
Beauty junkies and Star Wars fans, rejoice. CoverGirl is launching a limited edition Star Wars collection in time for the release of the upcoming movie, Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens. The Force comes to life this September in metallic lipsticks,

How To Get Anne Curtis' Vampy Look

Move over, Bella Swan. We have a new vampire in town.
Since we first heard about Anne Curtis venturing into Hollywood path, we’ve been so excited to find out more about her upcoming international film alongside American Horror Story star Alexander Dreymon. Finally, the long wait will soon be over as Blood Ransom

Sport A Shiny, Summer Pout This Season

Forget your favorite mattes, ladies, because it's about time for some high shine.
Matte has been all the rage for the past couple of seasons, and seems to be going pretty strong, too. But in the summer months, when the humidity makes shine inevitable, it only seems natural to let your makeup follow suit. But

Three Sun-kissed Highlighters To Enhance Your Summer Glow

Because an eternal summer can exist right on your cheeks.
With Vacation Week (a.k.a. Holy Week) over, you might have acquired a little bronze color goin’ on thanks to your newfound exposure to the outdoors (don’t pretend you haven’t been hunched in front of a computer screen since December!). To preserve the

How To Transform Into A Beauty Queen

Get to know the four key elements.
Aside from voluminous hair and a killer body, there’s one makeup look all beauty queens gravitate towards, and that’s the killer smoky eye. Very much the LBD of the beauty world, a dark eye has the ability to take any girl from

5 Car-friendly Products

The lowdown on which products to pack during Carmageddon.
As a child raised with the hatid-sundo method of getting around, going to places has never been a problem for me. That is, until now. With the construction of certain infrastructure comes the very real threat of worsened, boredom-inducing, mind-numbing traffic. As

Brighten Those Dark Circles

This is one product you need in your arsenal.
It’s always a good thing when makeup and skincare get together and make a 2-in-1 prettifying product, especially if it involves faking a good night’s rest. Right on the heels of the release of the ever-popular CC cream, Covergirl and Olay introduce