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5 Summer Trends Spotted at the Cosmo Summer Party

Here comes the sun.
The sun in the air, the sand in our hair, and the whispering sound of the waves crashing. Imagining how summer should be is one thing, but being able to experience it is another. Especially for working girls like us who have

14 Signs You're Turning Into Your Mom

You have a drugstore in your bag.
Can’t seem to keep up with kids these days? The mom-genes are probably beginning to rub off on you from wearing those mom jeans.   1. You're becoming more and more forgetful.You suck at recalling dates and names. You've found yourself saying "What's

SB JAMS: A Sexy Playlist While Strutting the Runway

The Cosmo hunks stripped down to these super sexy tunes!
The 2015 Cosmo Carnival wasn't only a luscious buffet of hunky men, but a show with a killer playlist. The crowd cheered on the 2015 Centerfolds as they stripped down to these super sexy tunes!This story originally appeared on

Meet Cosmo's 8 Sexiest Models

Cosmo threw a party to introduce us to this year's lucky eight.
Every year, Cosmopolitan Magazine picks out the crème de la crème of the modeling industry and puts them (instead of the clothes for a change) on the spotlight. Fun, fearless, and effortlessly sexy, this year’s batch is filled with so much personality

Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2014 Attendees

Who came and screamed their lungs out? Find out.
We say there's nothing hotter than a man in a suit, but Cosmo begs to disagree. As we witnessed a battalion of demigod-looking males throwing away their stiff tailored outfits to show off their impressive rack, we had to believe in compromise. Because we

Makeup Diaries: Regina Belmonte

Cosmo's Assistant Beauty Editor dishes on her five days of beauty.
Growing up, we’re all led to believe that when it comes to makeup, the less we wear the better. But we all reach a point in our post-teen, pre-yuppie lives where the lure of vivid rouge and sparkly shadow becomes inevitable. Proving