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Check Out Cool Girl Multi-Hyphenate Martine Velasco

And why this artist/stylist/photographer is the best of her generation.
Perhaps it’s life’s biggest irony that we spend the first few years of our lives fantasizing about adulthood. We overproject it into this utopia that breeds independence, an interminable supply of cash (what child hasn’t dreamt of having a credit card?), and

5 Stylish Girls From Ua&p

A strict dress code isn't a problem for the college lass.
College is all about finding yourself and expressing who you are—one way is through the clothes you wear every day. But when you’re faced with a strict dress code, will you still be brave enough to post your #OOTD? Let these five

5 Ateneans With Cool Hair Colors

Rocking the blue and white and everything else in between.
Summer is finally in the air. It’s time to seize the day while we're young, when #yolo is our permanent hashtag. While new adventures don’t always come in the form of sky- or cliff diving, even the little things, like a drastic