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This Pastel Pink Wonderland Is the Best Place to Learn How to Bake

This Instagrammable studio has everything you need for your next baking project!
Baking is one of the top quarantine trends that has been helping people cope with being stuck inside their homes since March. There’s just something therapeutic about it! That said, if you’re one of the many who already tried your hand at

Choco Butternut Crinkles Exist and Here's How to Make Them

Meet your next baking project!
Dunkin' Donuts' famous Choco Butternut doughnuts and munchkins are a Pinoy merienda favorite. There's a low-carb version of the classic treat as well as an affordable recipe that you can make at home. But if you still can't get enough of Choco Butternut anything, check out Tiktok user @russelfoodstory's Choco Butternut-inspired crinkles!<blockquote class="tiktok-embed"

5 Herbs You Can Easily Plant at Home for Your Cooking Needs

These greens can be grown indoors as long as they get plenty of sunlight!
Starting an edible garden is probably one of the most practical things you can do since not only is it a calming activity, but it's also quite sustainable. Harvesting your herbs is beneficial to both you and the plant—you get natural flavoring

Here’s What Kathryn Bernardo Has Been Up to During Quarantine

She's been keeping busy with simple hobbies you can take cues from!
We’re used to seeing Kathryn Bernardo’s colorful life on Instagram, from her wanderlust-inducing photos to her on-point OOTDs. But what does the 24-year-old actress do when she’s holed up at home? Quarantine has everyone whipping up dalgona coffee to filming laborious TikTok videos,

All the Tips You Need to Make the Best "Sushi Bake" at Home

You can totally make it yourself!
If you've been seeing trays of what looks like a baked casserole but is being served with nori or seaweed sheets, you've just seen what is called a sushi bake or baked sushi. This giant deconstructed sushi (sushi purists might protest this) is

5 Celebrities Reveal Their Tried-and-Tested Quarantine Dishes

Looking for a new recipe to try? These stars have some ideas.
Being in quarantine essentially turned everyone into bonafide chefs at home, and celebrities are no different! Our fave stars are turning to their own kitchen to sharpen their cooking skills or simply to recreate their favorite dishes. Fortunately for us, they gladly shared

Cooking in the Time of COVID-19: How the ECQ Introduced Me to My Own Kitchen

Here’s why all your friends are baking banana bread—and why you probably should, too!
"Check in on all your friends baking banana bread," says a meme that's currently going viral on Instagram. It's funny because it's pretty accurate. I have seen at least five people on my timeline showing off their own versions of banana bread—marbled

You Can Learn to Cook These Dishes from Gucci's Restaurant in Italy

We got our hungry paws on the exact recipes.
Any fashion lover's trip to Italy wouldn't be complete without a shop-happy visit to at least one Gucci store...and, while you're at it, the Gucci Osteria in Florence, too. If you haven't yet had the chance to sample the luxury restaurant's quirky

7 Delicious Dishes You Can Make With Spam

How do you like your spam?
Typically, all you need to eat with Spam is a cup of white or garlic rice. You don't really crave much else. But there are actually several ways to get creative with this canned meat without having to be a culinary genius.

Here's a Tasty List of Everything You Can Make With Kimchi

These recipes celebrate your love for the spicy Korean staple.
Kimchi is probably the most iconic food to come out of Korea. This spicy fermented cabbage (or radish, or mustard leaf...) was already well-loved even before the Korean wave took over.Kimchi is quite easy to make, but what makes it different are

Erwan Heussaff Has the Best Recipe for Cheesy Ramen

We're drooling.
Call it our lingering, residue emotions over Crash Landing on You or simply sheer convenience—we're always in the mood for instant ramen. Erwan Heussaff knows, so he's concocted three mouthwatering, almost sinful ways to upgrade your usual quick fix!Here's a spoiler: Look

Everything You Need to Make Crunchy Korean Fried Chicken at Home

Learn how to cook the super crispy fried chicken you see in all the K-dramas!
Have you ever bitten into a piece of fried chicken and savored the sound of the crunch as you broke through the crispy skin to reveal the juicy, tender meat inside? This kind of chicken is only made even better when it's glazed