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Unicorn-Themed Cookies Exist and Here's Where to Find Them

Treat your inner child!
Unicorn-themed everything have become fairly popular in the past few years, and it's not hard to see why. With its pastel colors and sparkle-filled motif, it's pleasing to the eyes and appeals to your inner child, taking you back to simpler and

This Layered Dessert Is Like Tiramisu for Cookie Lovers

Here's a new dessert to try!
If you love tiramisu, then you'll know that the classic version with coffee-soaked ladyfingers and mascarpone cheese is always a treat. While we'll always have a soft spot for its traditional iteration and have of course put together a list of 10

This Millennial Started Her Dream Cookie Business With Only P5,000

Her success story will inspire you!
After losing her job due to the pandemic, 28-year-old teacher and bride-to-be Kath Vicente and her fiancé started their witty cookie business, Cookie N' Amo, during the pandemic. Ahead, she shares her story with Female Network:I'm Kath, a professional teacher, and a soon-to-be

How to Make Delicious Guilt-Free Cookies Using Only 3 Ingredients

Want a healthier option?
Are cookies your guilty pleasure, your favorite snack to munch on, and your go-to sweet when you need something delicious to lift your mood?We totally understand! Cookies are definitely delicious and satisfy any number of cravings you may have. Did you know that

All the New Delicious Cookies We Can't Wait to Order Online

Cookie heaven exists and you can find them here!
Got a sweet tooth that's constantly looking for new cookies to munch on? Well, look no further! We've rounded up 16 local online shops that will satisfy your sweet cravings! Below, check out these cookie shops around the metro that will surely

Yes, Choc Nut Crinkles Exist and We're Going Nuts

It's your childhood favorite candy in a chewy, fudgy format.
Choc Nut’s one of those classic Filipino treats that never goes out of style, and while a good ol’ Choc Nut bar never fails to satisfy, it’s also worth exploring other ways to enjoy its flavor. Here’s one new treat to try:

Craving Cookies? These Places Still Deliver

From sweet and chewy to crumbly and delicate.
It doesn’t get any more comforting than a cookie. Whether you’re nursing a broken heart or are just in the mood for a sweet treat, a cookie (or two) works wonders to raise your spirits. The good news is that there are

10 Best Places Where You Can Get Your Cookie Fix in Manila

Go ahead and satisfy your cookie cravings!
Whether you’re feeling blue or simply craving something sweet, a good cookie is always a delight to have. Paired with a glass of milk or eaten on its own, there's something about this sweet treat that instantly makes you feel good. That said, not