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15 Contour Sticks for Instantly Sculpted Cheekbones

Just swipe and blend!
Ah, contour sticks. Our toddler selves would've never imagined that we'd be wielding something so similar to crayons with as much precision and care. And yet, that's exactly what we do, drawing ourselves a slightly more chiseled cheekbone than the one we're

10 Nose-Defining Products That Look Super Subtle

Time to get extra chiseled.
Here's a fact: nose contouring does not exist to merely change the look of your nose. Rather, it's also meant to define the natural shadows of your nose. Have you noticed how your face somewhat looks less dimensional after applying foundation? That's because

We Can't Wait to Get Our Hands on Kim Kardashian's Contour Kit

Even makeup beginners would love it!
Kim Kardashian-West is kickstarting KKW Beauty with a cream contour and highlight kit, which makes perfect sense because she's basically the queen of cream sculpting. So if you've been wanting to cop her chiseled cheekbones for the longest time, now's your chance!The