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TikTok Is Obsessed with This Kate Moss-Inspired Cheek Contour Hack

Those ultra-sharp cheekbones could be yours.
After her appearance at the much-talked-about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial, supermodel Kate Moss is suddenly back on everybody's radar. It even birthed a viral makeup hack on TikTok, which sets out to recreate the British model's famed bone structure. Theories abound

These Are the Best Contouring Products for Beginners on a Budget

New to contouring? Here's a starter pack.
Though not everyone is contouring as intensely as they did in 2015, we're definitely still sculpting our faces one way or another. A full face of makeup no longer looks the same without it, unfortunately.That said, from a beginner's point of view,

Here's Where You Can Buy Glossier and KKW Beauty in the Philippines

They even have COD payment option!
Glossier and KKW Beauty are popular because of their aesthetically pleasing packaging and cool products. And if you're familiar with them, you would know that these beauty brands are difficult to find here in the Philippines. You can normally purchase their items

These Highlighters Can Give You Matte, Glowing Skin for the Summer

Master the art of the matte glow!
Not all highlighters are made equal. Some are perfect for that lit-from-within sheen, while there are those that can give you a cheek so beaming that even satellites could see it from space. However, we think there's one underrated kind of highlight

Here's a Quick 5-Step Technique to Looking More Sculpted in Photos

Wanna hide a double chin? It's totally doable.
Expert advice comin' your way! If you've got a photo sesh coming up, no doubt you'll want to be ready for your closeup. Here, makeup artist Cathy Cantada-Dizon swings you an easy, 5-step trick to quick contouring. Pose!1. Use powder a shade

Jennifer Lopez's Makeup Collab Has All You Need to Achieve a Morena Glow

Recommended products from the glow queen herself!
Finding makeup suitable for morena skin may seem tricky, but worry no more! Jennifer Lopez's collaboration with Inglot Cosmetics has got you covered. Known for her signature JLo glow, the singer co-created a 70-piece makeup collection that has everything you need to achieve luminous,

10 Effective Tricks to Make Your Big Forehead Look Smaller

Instant results guaranteed.
If you're blessed with more forehead space than the rest of the population, don't let that get you down. Just remember: People with narrow foreheads can't make theirs wider, but you can absolutely do the opposite with yours. YouTuber Chloe Morello, a

This Facial Gives Glowing and Contoured Skin After Just One Session

The hype is real, you guys.
The Treatment: The Oxylight Madonna FacialWhat it is: A total workout for the face—that’s how The Aivee Clinic describes The Madonna Facial. It’s named after the celebrity because it’s literally one of the things that she gets done for her face—no wonder

10 Nose-Defining Products That Look Super Subtle

Time to get extra chiseled.
Here's a fact: nose contouring does not exist to merely change the look of your nose. Rather, it's also meant to define the natural shadows of your nose. Have you noticed how your face somewhat looks less dimensional after applying foundation? That's because

The Blush Shade for Girls Who Are Trying to Quit Contouring

And it’s right on trend this year.
How can one quit contouring? It makes you look sculpted, so sharp, so svelte! We know plenty of fashion girls quitting the plakado makeup look and trading it in for a fresher, bare, plump-cheeked (if that’s your natural shape) face, but if

LOTD: The Secret to Chie Filomeno's Signature Makeup Look

Flaunt those cheekbones.
Chie Filomeno's flawless Instagram selfies speak for themselves. The girl knows what look suits her best that she even has her own signature way of polishing her cheeks. Read on as we break down her makeup techniques for you:Step 1: BlushSince she

How to Contour Without Looking Like You Did

Harsh lines? Where?
Subtle contouring is the no-makeup look of sculpting. That's because it manages to define your bone structure while keeping the look natural—almost as if you didn't contour at all. And the best part? You don't need professional skills to do it on

5 Multi-Tasking Contour Kits That Cost Under P700

Get more bang your buck!
Contour kits may have originally been for makeup artists, but an average beauty junkie can use it for more than just getting a sculpted cheek. Below, we share five of our favorite multi-purpose contouring palettes fit for the girl on a budget!IMAGE

Makeup Brushes 101: Face Brushes

Know the basics!
To master your base makeup, you have to be armed with the right tools. And as daunting as the search for your perfect foundation brush can be, we promise that the results will make everything worth it. So put your reading glasses