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8 Al Fresco Bars Around Manila to Visit on Your Next Night Out

From quiet garden seating to rooftop haunts.
Maybe it’s just us, but a cocktail somehow tastes better when sipped somewhere stunning. That Piña Colada is always more refreshing when you’re watching the orange sun set, and that martini is extra crisp when enjoyed with a view of city lights.

9 Celebrity Kids Who Grew Up in the Spotlight and What They're Up to Now

They're definitely making their parents proud!
With talent and skill running through their veins, the children of our favorite local celebrities have long captivated our attention throughout the years. From quick snaps shared by their parents to memorable appearances in TV commercials, we’ve seen how they’ve grown up

This Instagram-Worthy Cafe in Pampanga Looks Straight Out of a K-Drama

They also serve Korean-inspired food!
Our favorite rom-com K-Dramas are never complete without a cute cafe for the protagonists to hang out in! Memorable scenes often occur in such a place, from hilarious conversations to heart-fluttering exchanges. While we're more than content watching our beloved shows on

10 Things You Need to Know About “Pachinko” Star Kim Min Ha

Get to know Lee Min Ho's leading lady in the global series.
She might only have a handful of acting credits to her name, but nothing could stop Kim Min Ha from thriving on the global stage and nailing the role of a lifetime! Having delivered a stellar performance on bestselling novel Pachinko’s TV

15 Cool Ways to Pose on a Staircase, According to Influencers

Make use of this easy-to-spot backdrop.
It’s difficult to think of a structure that’s as easy to find as a flight of stairs. They’re everywhere (literally), and thus, make for reliable photo-op backgrounds when you’re running out of ideas. In fact, Instagram influencers have taken quite a liking

10 Things You Need to Know About Hallyu Star Lee Joon Gi

The action star rarely needs stunt doubles!
Lee Joon Gi has come a long way to become the Hallyu star he is today. Aside from his handsome visulas, he has been loved by fans for his skills and passion in acting. ICYDK, he loves taking the most difficult roles!

8 Online Shops Where You Can Buy the Most Gorgeous Bouquets for Your Mom

Don’t miss out on getting this classic Mother’s Day gift!
No matter what happens or how old you get, your mom is a constant presence through life’s many seasons. She’s there through doctor’s appointments, high school crushes, memorable milestones, bad days, good days—you name it! And so this Mother’s Day, why not

This Filipina Started Her Own Clothing Brand When She Was Just 15 Years Old

Cleo Loque built Hiraya Pilipina with a P20,000 capital.
When you already have so many responsibilities, how do you begin to pursue your dreams? Entering the sphere of entrepreneurship is a harrowing undertaking, and it's made even more difficult when you don't have the experience or the theoretical knowledge to help

The Exact Luxury Boutique Hotel in Palawan That Celebrities Love Visiting

From Maja Salvador, to Enchong Dee, to Sarah Lahbati, several celebs have been spotted at this luxury resort.
With numerous celebrities and influencers posting their Palawan beach trips on the ‘gram, it’s safe to say that eco-luxury resorts in El Nido are definitely the craze. These places often offer majestic views, private beaches, and top-notch accommodations. So yes, they’re definitely

10 K-Dramas to Watch If You Love Park Hyung Sik

A starter kit for every new Park Hyung Sik fan!
Our favorite triple threat is sparing no efforts for his television comeback since his 2021 military discharge. After the massive JBTC hit Strong Woman Do Bong Soon catapulted Park Hyung Sik to global fame, fans have been on the prowl for his

5 Places You Can Take Your Mom on a Date This Mother's Day

Whether she loves baking or she prefers a relaxing dinner.
ICYDK, Mother’s Day is fast approaching! If you’re still not sure how to make it extra special for the best woman in your life, look no further because we've gathered a quick list of places where you can take your mom out

This Glasshouse Airbnb in Laguna Is the Relaxing and Scenic Getaway You Need

It’s a glamping spot not so far from Manila!
In case you haven't noticed, we’ve become some of the many people who’ve gotten into glamping. With the two-year-and-counting course of the COVID-19 pandemic, going out into nature has become a safe reprieve; It’s an out-of-the-house adventure, but a more anxiety-free, socially-distanced

5 Local Stores to Shop for Your Modern Preppy OOTDs

Blair Waldorf would approve!
When we think of the preppy aesthetic, we think of Blair Waldorf in tweed, Rory Gilmore's Chilton uniform, and Cher's plaid ensembles in Clueless. Stark minimalism and comfy basics have been the go-to for quite some time. While that’s all well and

The Cast of "Tomorrow" and Where You've Seen Them Before

One of them appeared in "Start-Up"!
South Korea’s entertainment industry never fails to produce relevant, top-notch shows of any genre. That’s why when they decided to tackle mental health in the form of fantasy drama Tomorrow, we expected nothing more but quality execution, from the storyline up to