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Here's Everything We Know So Far About Disney’s "Cruella" Starring Emma Stone

The movie will show how she went down the path to evil before "101 Dalmatians."
ICYMI, the trailer for Disney’s Cruella has already been launched a week ago, and we can’t contain our excitement! All things considered, Disney has been on the live-action roll lately after coming out with multiple reboots of their classics such as Mary Poppins,

We Finally Discovered Where to Order Mouthwatering Ice Cream Sandwiches

They come in a variety of cool flavors, too!
Who doesn’t love ice cream sandwiches? They’re compact, easy to consume, and are absolute treats for your sweet tooth. Take Louie-Luis’ scrumptious version, for example. But if you think this is just some ordinary ice cream smashed between two crispy chocolate wafer pieces,

10 Rom-Coms from the 2000s to Binge Watch on Valentine’s Day

Looking to Netflix and chill with your significant other this Valentine's Day?
No era arguably did cheesy romantic comedies best than the 2000’s. We mean, the same period gave birth to quintessential classics like 13 Going on 30 and Love Actually, complete with cliché yet irresistible plotlines and adorable meet-cutes. That said, what better

8 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas to Do With Your Significant Other

How about an indoor picnic or a themed dinner at home?
As we navigate our way through the new normal, we’ll also naturally see changes in the way we’ll be celebrating some of our favorite holidays. With Valentine’s Day coming up, we’re sure you’re already thinking of socially distanced ways to still shower

10 Underrated K-Dramas That Will Make You Cry Buckets of Tears

Warning: These Korean dramas might hurt more than your last breakup!
Humans cry for many reasons. If we’re being honest here, sometimes we just want to cry for the sake of it. May it be a therapeutic release or you’re just low-key a masochist, you have to admit there’s nothing like going through

10 K-Dramas Where You'll Also Find the Cast of “The Uncanny Counter”

Missing them already? Here’s a list of what you can watch while waiting for season two.
Just like that, Korean hit series The Uncanny Counter came to a close with last month’s season finale. Scene after scene, we've all grown so intrigued by the show’s constant plot twists. As much as we all loved the well-written storyline, the

The Estimated Cost of the Jewelry Seen on "Bridgerton" Will Make Your Jaws Drop

One set of earrings alone could be worth at least P610 million!
There are many factors that make Bridgerton such a work of art, including the mesmerizing costumes and the beautiful Regency-era furniture that were custom-made for the show. Others might argue that it’s also thanks to the appearance of several attractive characters like

10 Best Detective K-Dramas to Watch If You Love Solving Mysteries

Channel your inner Nancy Drew with these thrilling dramas that will keep you guessing.
When we think of K-dramas, we often picture star-crossed romances and light-hearted comedies because these are the popular tropes among most Filipinos. Yet despite that, we all know that Korean television culture is a melting pot of various different stories and it

5 Reasons Why "Mr. Queen" Is the Next K-Drama You Need to Watch

It’s the perfect stress reliever!
Just like other period K-dramas, Mr. Queen flaunts South Korea’s rich culture and history. In fact, this series takes you back to the imperial era of Joseon’s Puppet King Cheoljong, as portrayed by Crash Landing on You’s Kim Jung Hyun. Starring alongside him

What It's Like to Play an Extra in K-Dramas, According to This Lucky Filipina

She's already appeared in over 50 K-dramas, including "True Beauty," "Record of Youth," "The King: Eternal Monarch" and more!
Imagine this: getting to be a part of your favorite K-dramas, being within the same proximity as the Korean actors and actresses you look up to, and even getting a chance to live in a place as beautiful as South Korea. Sounds

8 K-Dramas Starring "True Beauty" Actress Moon Ga Young

Did you know that she once played Kim Seon Ho's leading lady, too?
Obsessed with True Beauty? Well, you're not the only one. Since you’ve most probably fallen head over heels for lead star Moon Ga Young and her endearing character Lim Ju-gyeong, we figured you must be on the hunt for more content from

Here's What the Cast of K-Drama "Winter Sonata" Are Up to Now

They all seem to be enjoying the family life!
As the saying goes, Winter Sonata walked so the K-dramas we know and love now could run. In case you didn’t know, this series was a certified blockbuster during the early 2000s as it started the Hallyu Wave in Asia. In fact,