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TV Shows You Need to Binge-Watch on Netflix Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Find out what show you're most likely compatible with!
Have you ever started watching a Netflix show but found yourself dropping it because it simply wasn’t your type? With all the content on the streaming platform, we don’t blame you, especially when you feel like you can always find something better

15 OG K-Drama Leading Men and Where They Are Now

Who was your 2000s K-Drama crush?
Picture this: The year is 2009, Boys Over Flowers just came out and you find yourself swooning over Gu Jun-pyo’s curly locks and bad boy attitude. You, and the rest of the country, become immensely invested in the Hallyu Wave and the

This Artist Transforms Your Life Story Into Personalized Symbols You Can Get Tattooed

We talk to Filipino artist CJ Francisco about the craft of sigil-making.
Tattoos hold great meaning. In pre-colonial Philippines, tattoos were used to symbolize rank, accomplishment, and protection. Our ancestors needed to earn their tattoos! Nowadays, people get inked for various reasons whether to celebrate a milestone or to aesthetically represent themselves, but in

10 K-Dramas Starring Kim Bum That Prove His Versatility as an Actor

Watch these if you can’t get enough of the "Law School" actor.
Boys Over Flowers star Kim Bum has definitely gone a long way since making our young hearts swoon as the artistic F4 member So Yi-jung. Case in point: He’s currently keeping us at the edge of our seats with his latest legal

Brazo de Mercedes Cheesecake Exists and Now We're Totally Craving

Our two favorite desserts just got even better!
One thing this quarantine has definitely taught us is that unusual food combos tend to be the best ones! From the iconic ube cheese pandesal, to mouthwatering leche flan donuts, and now, the newest "quarantreat" gaining traction, Brazo de Mercedes Cheesecake! Based in Pasay

Art Fair Philippines is Going Digital And Here Are 5 Things You Can Expect

They’ve got everything from (online) exhibits, studio tours, and more!
In the past year, we’ve all gotten used to how our everyday lives have transitioned online. We’re now no stranger to the infinite possibilities of the internet, and it seems that Art Fair Philippines can definitely vouch for that, too. Following the success

10 Must Watch K-Dramas About Soul Swapping

Talk about a complete Freaky Friday moment!
Nothing beats a good fantasy drama. It’s the perfect way to escape from reality while you dive into the realm of your own imagination. This being the case, prevalent and more popular themes in the mythical genre have been about zombies and

10 Cute Aesthetic Lamps to Light Up Your Room

One of everything, please.
Beyond aiding in taking high quality Instagram photos and selfies, good lighting plays an important role in contributing to the atmosphere of our spaces. It can even transform the mood or result in productivity and work efficiency. As a decorative element, the

5 Important Life Lessons We Learned from the K-Drama "18 Again"

They talk about life, love, and everything else in between.
Despite the series ending last November 2020, we still haven’t gotten over 18 Again. With its heart wrenching take on familial and romantic relationships, this K-drama managed to effortlessly bring us to tears.Based on the American film, 17 Again, starring Zac Efron,

Kryz Uy Just Got Real About How She Used to Photoshop Herself in Old Photos

“It’s sad that I didn’t want to show reality at that time.”
Fashion and lifestyle influencer Kryz Uy has never been one to shy away from sharing her journey towards self-love and acceptance. Being in the industry for a decade, she’s no stranger to the extensive pressure on someone's self-esteem brought upon by social

10 Most Promising Korean Actors in Their 20s Who Have Been Stealing the Spotlight

These young leading men are on their way to becoming the next big stars in the K-drama world.
The K-drama world has paved the way for success of Hallyu stars such as Lee Min Ho, Kim Soo Hyun, Song Joong Ki, and more actors who've become internationally known household names. These beloved and established leading men have certainly contributed their

8 Must-Watch Korean Dramas If You’re a Fan of Song Kang

2021 has definitely been this young actor's year!
If you’ve been following the latest K-dramas this season, then you definitely know who Song Kang is. Despite being relatively new to the industry, he has inevitably managed to shine through, proving himself to be quite the dedicated and skillful actor. With