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10 Lightweight Oil-Free Moisturizers Your Oily Skin Won't Hate

So you'll never be tempted to skip moisturizer again!
If you have oily skin, then there might've been a time where you thought that skipping moisturizer would help  minimize your sebum production. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Surprisingly, ditching the moisturizer will only make your skin produce more oil than

These Local Skincare Products Can Give You Glowing Skin Overnight

Get the most out of your beauty sleep!
Your skin goes through so much every day day, and that's exactly why beauty sleep is necessary. While you doze off, it switches to a full recovery mode where it renews, rebuilds, and repairs itself from all the damages caused by different

10 Best Clay Masks to Try for Acne and Clogged Pores

Slather these on for clearer skin, stat!
Truth is, no one's skin is exempted from having breakouts. It's absolutely normal, and there's nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it is a common skin condition that occurs when your pores are blocked by oil, bacteria, or dirt. There are

5 Myths About the Gua Sha You Need to Stop Believing

Nope, it's not an alternative to botox.
Long before it became trendy online, the Gua Sha had long been used in traditional Chinese medicine to relieve muscle tension, improve blood circulation, and enhance the qi energy flow within the body. Now, it's being used primarily as a face massage

7 Best Friends Share the Stories Behind Their Matching Tattoos

Their stories will make you want to get a matching ink, too!
Having a matching tattoo with your best friend is such a special way to solidify your friendship. It's one way to say you'll always be there for each other, despite all the ups and downs.Below, seven groups of best friends share the

8 Cozy, Sultry Perfumes That Are Perfect for Sweater Weather

They're great choice for date night, too.
As the season shifts rom dry to gloomy, your summery floral and fruity scents deserve a bit of a break. Though you can still wear them, of course, you might want to branch out to scents on the spicy and warm side instead, which

The Best Facial Treatments to Try for Acne and Acne Scars

Go get the skin of your dreams!
If you have acne-prone skin and skincare products aren't helping much anymore, it’s time for an upgrade. Facials, LED therapy, and lasers can be done to minimize those annoying blemishes you get—be it hormonal, adult acne, or maskne.Luckily, we have a wide

5 At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits That'll Give You a Brighter Smile

Give your pearly whites a makeover!
If your coffee and tea habits are giving your teeth yellow stains, don't fret. You can safely whiten your teeth without leaving the safety of your home or splurging on a treatment!Unlike DIY teeth whitening tricks like brushing them with salt and rubbing

10 Simple Ankle Tattoo Ideas If You Want Something Discreet

Thinking about getting inked?
If you're looking for discreet places to put your tattoo, have you ever thought about placing it on your ankle? It’s the perfect place for some new ink if you want something subtle!Whether you're into deep and meaningful designs or quirky and

Here's How to Read Skincare Product Labels Like a Pro

The packaging may be cute, but don't forget to check the product label, too!
Before we decide to purchase a new skincare product, we typically look at a product's packaging and marketing claims first. While those are fair points to consider in your decision-making process, you might want to choose based on a product's ingredients list

The Exact Skincare Products Celebrities Swear by for Healthy Skin

Take a peek inside these celebrities' routines!
Ever wondered what celebrities use to get an effortless glow? We got you. Below, we list seven skincare finds we spotted in local celebrities' regimens that you can add to yours. Scroll ahead to cop their secrets!Catriona Gray shared her winter skincare

10 Best Lightweight Body Lotions to Try for Glowing Skin

Make your post-shower routine extra special with these moisturizing picks!
Much like our faces, the skin below our chin needs some TLC, too. Developing a body care routine can help target dullness, moisture loss, as well as multiple skin concerns. Besides, who doesn’t want a healthy-looking glow all over? That said, regular

10 Best Serums for Brightening Dark Spots and Dull Skin

Fight hyperpigmentation with these radiance-boosting serums!
A flawless complexion may be impossible to achieve, but that typically doesn’t stop us from wanting to even out our skin tone to the best of our capabilities. The most common obstacle to our success: Skin discoloration. Medically referred to as hyperpigmentation,

This Makeup Hack Is the Secret to Wearing Less Concealer

And here's how to master it!
Whether it is from the sleepless nights, the unpredictable weather, or plain genetics, at one point we all go through having skin discolorations that concealer or foundation can't cover—or they can, but only in hefty amounts. This is why it's important to

7 Pretty Manicure Ideas You Should Try If You Love Pops of Color

Add a little fun to your nails!
Having colorful digits is a great way to fight off the gloomy rainy days. Plus, it's super fun to pair with your outfits! If you're looking for ideas, try these manicure ideas with pops of color below for a little pick-me-up!Colorful rainbow-colored tips will