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5 Local Celebrities Who Have Undergone Double Eyelid Surgery

"It really makes a difference. Kasi before I had it done, para akong antok palagi," said one actress.
Our eyes are the most expressive part of our face. We can draw more attention to it with makeup or maybe a cool pair of sunnies, but some people opt for more drastic ways. One of these is the blepharoplasty procedure, or

8 Best Salicylic Acid Toners for Stubborn Blackheads and Acne

It's oily and acne prone skin's best friend.
If you have oily or acne-prone skin, you’ve probably had salicylic acid recommended to you over and over again. This ingredient is amazing for addressing skin concerns like oiliness, acne, and stubborn whiteheads and blackheads, so it's no wonder that it's a

6 Filipino Celebrities Who Unapologetically Admitted to Getting Fillers

It's a celebrity-favorite for a subtle makeover.
Fillers or dermal fillers are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures on the market. Its instant, natural-looking results are perfect for anyone who don't like downtime, and the fact that they're temporary makes it the best alternative to plastic surgery.Some perks

10 Barely-There Wedding Makeup Look Ideas for the Minimalist Bride

Because bridal beauty is all about keeping it natural.
The terms "natural makeup" and "bridal beauty" go together like bread and butter—it’s hard to imagine one without the other. But of course, asking your makeup artist for a "natural look" isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Natural makeup comes in many

10 Small Hand Tattoo Ideas for a Subtle Yet Meaningful Ink

Who needs rings when you can have a cute ink on your digits?
Since our hands are rarely covered, many favor it for subtle tattoos and small, minimalist designs. It's one of the best placements to inscribe a tiny tattoo with a personal meaning, because it can instantly draw our attention and give us a mood

Here's How to Tame Your Frizzy Hair for Good

Plus, a few hairstyles you can try to manage flyaways.
With sleek buns and ponytails currently en vogue thanks to the "clean girl" look, frizz has become a problem we have no choice but to tackle. This can be especially difficult given our hot weather and humid climate, but taming frizz isn’t

Try These Body Care Tips If You're Dealing With Dry Skin

Struggling with rough elbows and knees? Here's how to solve it.
While you may have your skincare routine down pat, there’s a slight chance that you could be neglecting body care. This becomes an issue when you’re dealing with dry, rough skin. Remember: Nourishing your body is just as important as nourishing your face.

How to Achieve a Fresh Makeup Look With Minimal Effort

Get it in 10 minutes or less.
There’s a reason why we always go back to the fresh makeup look: It’s timeless, versatile, and easy to achieve. When in doubt or in a pinch, this look is probably your go-to to look put together in whatever you wear and

10 Chic Short Hair Colors to Consider If You Want a New Look

Because your hair length shouldn't stop you from getting a statement dye job.
People usually say short hair is limiting, but we beg to differ. Sometimes, short hair suits your face shape so much better than lengthy locks that can weigh down your features.That said, if you have yet to try a lob or pixie,

TikTok Is Obsessed with This Kate Moss-Inspired Cheek Contour Hack

Those ultra-sharp cheekbones could be yours.
After her appearance at the much-talked-about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial, supermodel Kate Moss is suddenly back on everybody's radar. It even birthed a viral makeup hack on TikTok, which sets out to recreate the British model's famed bone structure. Theories abound

6 Beauty Treatments Worth Splurging on Before Your Wedding

Look and feel your best on your big day!
It’s officially wedding month! Whether you’re having your big day in the coming months or very soon, you might want to squeeze in some beauty procedures and treatments that will make you feel like the most beautiful bride. Besides, a wedding is

These Are the 10 Best Pink Blushes for Filipino Skin Tones

Find your perfect flush match here.
Blush is like the little black dress (or LBD) of makeup – there’s one that compliments and suits everyone. Whether that’s a pastel pink, a coral shade, or even purple, a blush can compliment so many different skin tones and looks. But when

Here's How You Can Pull Off a Bridal Suit at Your Wedding

If the traditional bridal gown doesn't feel quite "you," a suit might be your best bet.
Even with traditions as time-honored as weddings, a sense of authenticity always shines through. In the past years, we’ve seen a shift towards personalization on a high, in part due to the COVID-19 pandemic that led couples to dial down their weddings