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This New Nike Commercial Will Make You Put Down Your Phone

Prepare to be scolded by Siri.
Nike is taking a stab at our guilty social media habit in a way that only Nike can. In their newest 60-second commercial, a female robotic voice (Siri?) runs through our typical scrolling and liking antics that are robbing us of time

Adriana Lima X Super Bowl

Here's why supermodel and birthday girl Adriana Lima has become a staple at Super Bowl.
Remember this 30-second Victoria's Secret commercial for Super Bowl that started it all back in 2008?Well, we do, and we don't think Super Bowl fans would ever forget it, too! In a short amount of time (where she didn't really do anything apart

Paris Hilton In Manila

Paris Hilton visits Manila in style for her new business ventures!
Paris Hilton made headlines during her 5-day visit to Manila. The hotel heiress and business woman was here to design a beach club for Century Properties development Azure as well as visit the boutique of her eponymous bag line in SM Megamall.What