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10 Pretty Thigh Tattoo Designs You Can Get As Your First Ink

It's the perfect spot for small and intimate inks!
Placements are considered as your tattoos' permanent residence. It can also influence the design’s scalability, visibility, and even longevity. That said, choosing the best spot for your next ink is one key factor you shouldn’t overlook. There are a lot of popular

12 Dainty Watercolor Tattoo Designs That Will Inspire You to Get Inked

You can't go wrong with this dreamy tattoo style!
Not gravitating toward strong outlines and dark shadings? A delicate watercolor tattoo may just be your perfect match! The ink’s bright colors and light gradients create a natural fade, mimicking the strokes of actual watercolor paintings. From flowers and butterflies to minimal

10 Dainty, Colored Tattoo Inspirations For Your Next Ink

Time to get another tattoo!
Getting a tattoo can be intimidating. In fact, thinking about the inking process is just one thing to worry about. Deciding on a design that's pretty much going to be permanently on your body is actually the more stressful part.So, if you're