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15 Classic Hair Dye Ideas That Will Transform Your Look

You'll love these classic and flattering shades!
Even though we'd love to try every hair color under the sun, we can only have one at the end of a salon appointment. Thankfully, it's just hair—it grows back, and more importantly, you can always dye it another shade next time.

This Is The Right Way To Use Purple Shampoo

Make your blonde hair color last.
When Asian hair is bleached, it transforms into a yellow straw-like hue. And for it to turn into a beautiful blonde color, the stylist must add dye and toner. Eventually, the toner’s effect will fade. It's recommended that you see your colorist

6 Easy Tricks to Keeping Your Colored Hair Healthy And Shiny

Say goodbye to frizz!
Flaunting your newly dyed hair can give you a natural high, especially if it's dyed a shocking bright or pastel color. However, maintaining the color and overall health of your locks can take so much work. You have to use special products

LOTD: Here's a Bleach-Free Way to Get Red Hair This Summer

Check out Anne Curtis' new dye job!
Itching to switch up your hair color this summer? Well, Anne Curtis has just the thing if you want a bold dye job sans the bleach. See it below!Cool, no? The It's Showtime host describes her new color as a mulberry wine, but

5 Best Shampoos to Care for Colored Hair

These all-star products can preserve your hair color.
Having your hair colored means fully altering your hair care routine. And apart from layering conditioning products like hair conditioner, leave-in conditioner, hair mask, and serums to prevent it from becoming brittle and dry, using a cleansing product that will keep the

How to Match Your Brows With Your Newly Colored Hair

Make them look natural!
Coloring your hair is a commitment. The upkeep is no joke, and you have to change up parts of your makeup routine, as well. The most crucial part is, of course, the brows. You'll need new eyebrow products after coloring your hair,

13 Shampoos For Every Hair Type

Thanks to these on target shampoos, good hair days are finally here to stay.
We’ve been using shampoos since we were babies; it’s as basic as drinking water or putting on your underwear.  So, it’s necessary to get introduced to the bubble-makers that will make your mane satiny soft, and lustrous as it grows, and of