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10 Camille Co Outfits That Will Convince You to Wear More Colors

Thinking of adding a pop of color to your own wardrobe, too?
Vlogger and mom-to-be Camille Co-Koro is undoubtedly serving topnotch looks on her Instagram posts. Her vibrant and flamboyant 'fits deserve to be recognized—from activewear sets to flowy dresses, she’s got it all! Thinking of adding a pop of color to your own

5 Breezy Summer Color Combinations to Wear for Your Next OOTD

Keep your cool all day with these fun and refreshing color combos!
In case you didn't know, color plays a huge part in our mental health, and well, hugely about how we feel for the day. In fact, I can attest to this myself. When I'm feeling particularly cheery, I would wear something bright,

Wes Anderson-Approved Color Palettes to Try for Your Next OOTD

Fresh color combos inspired by some of his most iconic films!
As varied as people's taste in films can be, one thing we can all agree on is how #aesthetic Wes Anderson's films are. His pastel-hued, rose-tinted world has garnered a cult following of fans who have not only admired his art but

Here Are Fun Ways to Add Purple to Your Makeup Looks

It's a berry fun pop of color.
When it comes to creating makeup looks, most, if not all of us, feel safer using warm tones. Who can blame us? They're beginner-friendly and easy to mix and match. But with the new year fast approaching, why not try incorporating fun

10 Dainty, Colored Tattoo Inspirations For Your Next Ink

Time to get another tattoo!
Getting a tattoo can be intimidating. In fact, thinking about the inking process is just one thing to worry about. Deciding on a design that's pretty much going to be permanently on your body is actually the more stressful part.So, if you're

These Colorful Power Suits Will Make You Want to Dress for Work

Show them you mean business!
Power suits are trending. Celebs and fashion influencers are flaunting their colorful co-ords on Instagram, and they have definitely convinced us that we need a pair in our lives, too! So, we went on a hunt for the most eye-catching matching sets

5 New Colors to Try If You’re Not a Fan of Living Coral

You don't have to stick to one!
If you are non-fans of Living Coral, Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year, like a few creative thought leaders in the west or because you have to tried to incorporate the Living Coral unsuccessfully, you will be glad to know that there

LOTD: This Makeup Trick Will Help Tie Your Look Together

Allow Isabelle Daza to demonstrate.
Playing with accessories and outerwear aren't the only style hacks we swear by. Sometimes, we prefer to take our OOTDs up a notch by simply crossing over to the beauty department. Say, when you're wearing bold patterns or bright colors, you can

Why Marbling is the New Ombré

Check out 2016's new hair color trend.
You might remember the ombré hair trend hitting it big in 2009 where almost every Tumblr-obsessed girl wanted long cascading waves that transitioned from brown to blonde as the layers flowed. Soon after that they took it up a notch as they


How to keep your color well intact.
They say going blonde is not a commitment, it’s a religion. Caring for bleached tresses requires A LOT of care and attention, unless you’re aiming for an early 2000s Shakira, making a statement with dark roots. This means spending on the necessary

The 5 Signature Looks Of Laureen Uy

Here's your chance to steal the look of one of the country's top fashion bloggers.
You don’t think we’d let the day pass without greeting this top blogger slash #PreviewGirl a happy birthday, do you? Sister to the celebrity stylist Liz Uy and Preview creative director Vince Uy, BFFs with fellow super bloggers Camille Co and Kryz

Bloom In Radiant Orchid

Jump on the bandwagon and primp yourself with our Radiant Orchid picks.
It's out: Pantone, the authority on color, has decalared Radiant Orchid as 2014's Color of the Year. The shade is a charming mix of lavender and pink, and we're seriously considering on flashing orchid lids on a daily basis.The unicorn-approved shade might

Watch: Three Ways To Wow

We demonstrate our tricks on how to add color to your makeup routine.
Makeup need not be boring. Your look shouldn't be limited to browns and champagnes only. This video will teach you three ways to wear color without looking like you work in a circus.To know the products we used for each look, click

Bea's Favorite Things's Editorial Assistant reveals all the little things she loves about summer.
Summer has always been my favorite time of the year. Yes, it's incredibly hotter these days compared to the past, but I guess I’ve always looked forward to this season as a student and I don’t think it will ever go away.