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The Best Concealers to Hide Dark Circles, According to Makeup Artists

The solution to your under eye woes!
Makeup artists are a great source of first-hand beauty information. Beauty, after all, is their bread and butter, so whatever nuggets of wisdom they may impart really do carry some weight; they've tried and tested these themselves. One of the most common

Here's How to Choose the Correct Shade of Undereye Concealer for You

Don't make it too obvious that you pulled an all-nighter!
When you have undereye troubles to cover, your concealer shouldn't just be good at, well, concealing. It has to come in the perfect shade, too, because the wrong color will only make your dark circles look worse than they are—and nobody wants

6 of the Best Color Correcting Undereye Concealers

Know which color your tired eyes need.
Dark circles are a tricky enemy. You can't just combat them with a typical skin-toned concealer. You have to attack the root cause of dullness by correcting the blues and purples. Because once you offset these colors, your regular concealer won't have

WATCH: Bobbi Brown’s 3-Step Concealer Hack [Tutorial]

It'll only take a minute to hide those pesky zits!
We’ve all been there: you’re on your way to meet a friend when you suddenly realize that you’ve got a pesky zit peeping from the side of your face. Ugh! How do you fix it? Leave it to Bobbi Brown’s Tamara Pineda