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12 Fun, Colorful Outfits to Inspire Your OOTDs This Summer

Look as vibrant as the sun with these looks!
The colors we wear have a way of indicating what season we're in. Muted, neutral tones often signal the rainy months (winter, in other parts of the world), and vibrant, colorful hues are usually associated with summer. With the latter upon us,

9 Colors to Pair with Green Clothing, As Seen on Celebrities

Not sure how to style Gen Z Green? We got you.
All the fashion-savvy folks on the internet are currently obsessed with green, and we're certainly some of them. Something about the grassy hue just injects a carefree touch of quirkiness into one's daily ensembles, and no matter what shade it's worn in,

How To Wear Color If You're Too Afraid To Try

You won't regret trying these tips!
I totally understand if you're hesitant to wear candy colors or mix and match different hues when it comes to your makeup look or outfits. Playing with rainbow shades can be intimidating, especially you're used to wearing neutral colors.But, I'd like to

All of Jinkee Pacquiao's Colorful Designer OOTDs in Los Angeles

Her vibrant outfits will inspire you to start adding color to your wardrobe, too!
Aside from the fact that her family went along with her husband for his next boxing match, it seems like Jinkee Pacquiao came prepared when she arrived in the City of Angels with all of her Instagrammable designer ‘fits. If anything, her

10 Camille Co Outfits That Will Convince You to Wear More Colors

Thinking of adding a pop of color to your own wardrobe, too?
Vlogger and mom-to-be Camille Co-Koro is undoubtedly serving topnotch looks on her Instagram posts. Her vibrant and flamboyant 'fits deserve to be recognized—from activewear sets to flowy dresses, she’s got it all! Thinking of adding a pop of color to your own

5 Breezy Summer Color Combinations to Wear for Your Next OOTD

Keep your cool all day with these fun and refreshing color combos!
In case you didn't know, color plays a huge part in our mental health, and well, hugely about how we feel for the day. In fact, I can attest to this myself. When I'm feeling particularly cheery, I would wear something bright,

Wes Anderson-Approved Color Palettes to Try for Your Next OOTD

Fresh color combos inspired by some of his most iconic films!
As varied as people's taste in films can be, one thing we can all agree on is how #aesthetic Wes Anderson's films are. His pastel-hued, rose-tinted world has garnered a cult following of fans who have not only admired his art but

6 Ways to Ease into Color If You Love Wearing Black Too Much

Because color deserves a chance.
Black. A non-color so safe and so tempting to use for every OOTD. It suits any occasion and instantly makes you look chic—just take the simple black turtleneck for example. However, when worn too often, there's a risk of looking monotonous and,

This Blue-and-Green Combo Is the New Outfit Formula We Want to Try

You've already heard of pink and red, but here's another fun color combo to cop!
We've sung the praises of pink and red time and time again, and while we're not even close to sick of it yet, why not throw another fun jewel-toned color combination into your to-try list? Kryz Uy proposes pairing sapphire blue and

6 Unexpected Color Combinations You Can Wear Now

Play with Crayola hues!
Wearing all-black has always been a winning fashion decision. It’s chic, foolproof and even Grace Coddington swears by it. Then again, as fashion girls, we have to remind ourselves that it’s not the only color worth wearing. For the current season and

5 Celebrity-Approved Color Combinations to Try This Year

The color trends for 2016.
While black, white, and navy will always have a special place in our closets (it occupies maybe 80% of our wardrobe), it’s nice to make space for color. When it’s gloomy outside and you're feeling meh, we guarantee that a pop of