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What I Learned After Living in 3 Foreign Cities Right After College

The only way for a fashion girl to survive a foreign city is through sartorial agility.
About two years ago, I had a diploma in one hand after graduating with a degree from the University of the Philippines and a one-way plane ticket to Boston in the other. Within a few days short of completing my Bachelor’s, I

Karlie Kloss' First Day of School Outfit is Flawless

She was as nervous about her first day of college as the rest of us.
Karlie Kloss is a real girl after all. If the first day of school made your stomach turn inside out, so did this supermodel's. While the rest of the industry geared up for New York Fashion Week, Karlie was starting at New

Backpacks For College Broods

Who says only kids can wear can wear this type of bag?
If there's one thing (well, one of the many) I regret the most about my fashion choices back in college, it's the fact that I completely veered away from backpacks. I was in too much of a hurry to grow up and