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10 Gentle Cleansers to Try If You Have Acne-Prone Skin

The best part? Most of these cleansers are under P500!
Finding the right cleanser for you is the first step to scoring clear skin. This will keep your pores from clogging, and it will strengthen your skin barrier, too, which results in fewer breakouts. If you're using certain anti-acne medications and products that are drying, consider going for mild cleansers

5 Women in Their 40s Reveal the Cleansers They Use for Dry Skin

Because cleansing is the first and most important step to skin health
Just as our bodies change as we get older, our skin changes as well. What used to be taut is likely less so, hydration takes more effort to maintain, and skin cell turnover slows. This is why our skin care regimens need

Here's How to Double Cleanse Like Laureen Uy

Or shall we say triple cleanse?
It's been a long time coming, but it's here—Laureen Uy has officially dropped her skincare routine! She filmed her entire night time regimen, including her incredibly thorough cleansing method. Not only that, she also shared some of her holy grail purchases that

How to Cleanse Your Space and Get Rid of Negative Energy

By that, we don’t mean with a broom.
Getting rid of clutter is a cathartic experience, but did you know that there is another kind of clutter? When you’re feeling unproductive or stressed in a certain area, be aware that you could be dealing with stagnant energy. If you’re feeling