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8 Ways to Wear the "Clean Girl" Makeup Trend, As Seen on Influencers

FYI, this viral beauty trend is like the cooler older sister of "no-makeup" makeup.
If you've been lurking around the TikTok beauty space, you've probably already heard of the 'clean girl' makeup look. This viral beauty trend is characterized by dewy skin, brushed-up brows, fluttery lashes, and ultra-glossy lips.It's like the cooler older sister of the

8 Influencer-Approved Skincare Products for Achieving the "Clean" Look

After all, you can't get the "clean" makeup look without the "clean" skin.
The "clean" makeup trend has been making its way through practically everyone’s TikTok and Instagram feeds. Its appeal? A beauty routine that uses only the essentials, while still leaving you with a beautiful yet effortless glow.Aside from the makeup itself, though, it's

14 Best Products for Achieving the TikTok-Famous "Clean" Makeup Look

Give your everyday makeup look an upgrade!
The "clean" makeup trend is everyone's new favorite look thanks to TikTok. Putting a fresh spin on the “no-makeup” makeup look, this trend won't just make you look like a fresher version of yourself, it's also very beginner-friendly!Like the "model off-duty" style,