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Not Another Cinderella Story: Why the Fairy Tale Keeps Getting Remade

Be honest. How many Cinderella movies have you seen in your lifetime?
When Lily James’ Cinderella was announced in 2015, there was no shortage of complaints via articles and social media posts online asking, “Do we really need another Cinderella movie?” The reaction was no different six years later after Amazon Prime’s remake of

Zendaya Literally Had a Cinderella Moment at the Met Gala 2019

She even left a glass slipper on the red carpet!
Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo! Here comes Zendaya as Cinderella for this year's Met Gala:The young star initially walked on the red carpet clad in a rather plain looking dove grey ball gown. But in true Cinderella fashion, Zendaya's Tommy Hilfiger frock lit up at the wave of her fairy

The 12 Times Lily James Looked Like A Princess Irl

Cinderella killed all her red carpet appearances!
Lily James is 2015’s Lupita Nyong’O. Seriously, this girl, along with her stylist Rebecca Corbin-Murray has been smashing all the movie premieres as well as various appearances for the Disney hit, Cinderella—in style. Playing the role of Ella has its pressures, we’re

Fashion Film Review: Cinderella

Watch the movie, buy the makeup, then transform into a princess sans the midnight deadline.
Before anything else, let me just point something out: I am a HUGE fairytale fan, and that either makes me a credible film critic or a terribly biased one at that. So, proceed with caution.As you might already know—assuming that, like me,

Sb Jams: Disney Daze

A playlist for the office Cinderella.
Sometimes a girl just needs a little bit of chill-step to keep her company as she types away on a lazy Thursday afternoon. To keep us from dozing off while we day dream of better things to do, like say maybe watching

Richard Madden Had Swarovski Glass Slipper Guards On High Alert

Richard Madden Had Swarovski Glass Slipper Guards On High Alert
Cinderella's Prince Charming Richard Madden had security guards on high alert on the set of the new Disney film after continually "teasing" them by playing around with the custom-made Swarovski glass slipper they had been hired to protect.(Gif via Tumblr)Director Sir Kenneth

Lily James Adopted Liquid Diet For Cinderella

Lily James Adopted Liquid Diet For Cinderella
British actress Lily James stuck to a liquid diet while shooting new Disney movie Cinderella because her corset was tied too tight for her to properly digest solid foods.The Downton Abbey star took on the titular character in Sir Kenneth Branagh's live-action

9 Pairs Of Shoes To Wear Past Midnight

There's a new Cinderella movie coming out and she's trading her glass slipper for something better!
Less than 24 hours ago Disney released the teaser trailer for the upcoming 2015 Cinderella live-action film. Yup, you heard that right. Following Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent (coming out later this month,) Helena Bonham Carter and Cate Blanchet are set to star as

Martin Bautista X Cinderella

Young fashion designer shares his design aesthetic with local retail brand.
Young fashion designer, Martin Bautista, is now ready to share his design aesthetic to a bigger market via a collaboration with Cinderella. Martin is known for his feminine creations that play with draping and relaxed garment construction. He surely knows how to

Rhian Signs With Cinderella

The actress is the new face of the specialty store.
Actress/commercial model Rhian Ramos takes over Kristine Hermosa’s spot as the face of Cinderella. According to the brand, “Rhian represents the kind of girl that Cinderella personifies: multi-faceted, excellent, always relevant, and in all instances, dressed to impress.” Expect to see Rhian

Prettyfit Is Back

The Singaporean shoe brand finds a home in Cinderella!
One of the trendy and affordable shoe brands that landed in the country in the early 2000s was PrettyFIT. While it disappeared ever so briefly from the shopping circuit, it’s back and under new management as the Cinderella Marketing Corporation’s newest ward.To