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7 Ways to Create Curves If You Dont' Have Hips

Problem solved!
Contrary to popular belief, every girl can achieve an hourglass silhouette (sans the workout, mind you). The power of fashion can be wielded to your advantage, giving you an illusion of a curvier body. And to get you started, here are a

5 Instagram-Approved Ways to Look Slimmer in a Blazer

Nail the trend with this no-fail styling hack!
In case you haven't noticed the evidence on the well-curated feeds of Instagram's most stylish, the blazer trend's been blazing full-force. Still, you have to admit: The suit jacket isn't always the most flattering choice of outerwear, especially in this season's favorite

8 Chic Ways to Cinch Your Waist Like a Fashion Girl

Show off those curves!
If you've gone bored with your belts in an effort to accentuate your curves, then look no further because we've got the easiest tips to spice up the way you cinch your waist! These simple styling techniques will not only pronounce your