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I Tried To Put A Shopping Ban On Myself During Christmas Season

But what do you do when that trip to the mall is a way of life?
Ordinarily, I would shout it from the mountaintops: I am a shopper. On a trip to Shanghai, I once bought eight pairs of pumps in one go. That purchase included a pair of leopard-print round-toes and the same style shoes in a

A Fashion Girl’s Shopping Guide to A Cold Weather Wardrobe

No need for the cold to bother you.
For those who have braved the cold—make that freezing—weather during their travels, you all know how challenging it is to put together a wardrobe that will keep you warm without looking grandma-sweater cozy. We feel you, and we’re here to help! Here’s

Shop Mich Dulce's Hat Sale This Weekend

Snag one of her hats or even a prized corset!
If there's one thing to covet from designer Mich Dulce, that would either be one of her chic hats or waist-trimming corsets, especially if you love the womanly curves and old world polish of her aesthetic. The 2016 Preview-Best-Dressed-lister is home for

10 Things That Go Through a Shopper’s Head During the Holiday Rush

“I knew I should’ve gone online shopping instead.”
On days when you’re stressed, a round of retail therapy can sometimes feel as good as pampering yourself with a massage or indulging in your comfort food. Imagine a heaping serving of spicy, savory ramen or a slice of your favorite blueberry

12.12 The Online Fever: The Sale You Don't Want To Miss

This might just be the best time to catch a fever.
Ever heard stories from Black Friday sales? People line up outside stores hours before they open. Shoppers fight over the last piece on display, sometimes even causing injury to one another. Year after year the happenings only get crazier, with photos that

12 Outfits To Wear This Christmas

On the Nth day of Christmas, she wore what?
December signals an avalanche of reunions and parties scheduled too close to one another. Being the social butterflies that we are, we try our best to make it to every single one—even if it’s just for a quick hello and a glass

Our Stylish Christmas Wish List

Santa baby, won't you slip some of these under the tree?
In one way or another, big kids like us still believe in the magic of Santa Claus. He may not be a jolly, chubby fellow in red but he can come in the form of plastic (the kind you swipe at store

Holiday Beauty Gift Guide: Online Finds

Skip long lines at beauty counters with these finds that are just a click away.
As you’ve noticed, we take pleasure in spoon feeding you with the best finds out there. Still helping you out in finding the nicest gifts to give to your loved ones, we’re rounding up a number of beauty finds that are but

Holiday Beauty Gift Guide: P2000 And Up

You can't put a ceiling price on love.
Shallow as it may sound, we love receiving fancy gifts. It makes us feel like we could sip tea with our pinkie fingers pointed up all day long. But another feeling that’s just as good is being able to give swanky gifts

Holiday Fashion Gift Guide: P2000 And Up

If a budget does not exist in your dictionary...
Hey, big spender! Yes, we’re talking to you. Relax, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to give the people who have been there for you through thick and thin this 2014, a small token of your appreciation. But take note: just because budget

5 Reasons To Line Up At The Opening Day Of H&m Sm Makati

Tomorrow is the day and here's why you need to plan a strategy, stat!
Can’t get enough of H&M? Well, good, because we’ve got more exciting news for you! After the successful opening of its first two stores in the Philippines, we’re about to welcome a new one in SM Makati tomorrow, November 28, 2014. Now,

Holiday Fashion Gift Guide: P1500 To P2000

When it comes to gifts for people we love, the price is always right.
Truth is, the presents we give say a lot about us—it shows just how good your taste is when it comes to selecting the most mundane items and also how well you know the receiver.Picking something for a person you hold near

Holiday Beauty Gift Guide: P1500 To P2000

This Christmas, be a fairy godmother bearing gifts for the beauty junkies.
Beauty addict or not, with looser purse strings, there is so much you can give away from the beauty department this Yuletide season. Be the beauty fairy godmother to your family and friends by giving them presents that they can really use.

Holiday Beauty Gift Guide: P1000 To P1500

Now it's time to stretch the budget a little more.
A little extra hundreds never hurt especially in this season of giving. That said, we’re adding an extra P500 to yesterdays’ budget of beauty and fashion treats to share with those dearest to you. For today’s serving of gifts that would help

Holiday Fashion Gift Guide: P1000 To P1500

You know it's a good gift when you want the item for yourself, too.
Buying presents shouldn’t be a hassle when you know you have two things: knowledge on the things that would make your family and friends happy, and of course, some moolah to burn. This holiday season, trust us, there is no need to

Holiday Fashion Gift Guide: P500 To P1000

Your P1000 is worth more than you think.
Trust us, you don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket in order to make someone’s heart flutter with joy this Christmas. We’ve already made our point yesterday when we showered you with beauty and fashion finds under P500. And today,

Holiday Beauty Gift Guide: P500 To P1000

You can buy a lot with a thousand bucks.
Yesterday, we served up a buffet of fashion and beauty gift finds for P500 or less. If you happen to have a little more to spare, then you’ll be glad to know that 500 pesos more can take you a long way

Holiday Fashion Gift Guide: Below 500

There are fashion finds below 500, we swear.
Christmas is just around the corner and although we love the joyous festivities and gift giving, we have to admit that the shopping part is not always a walk in the park. Jam-packed malls, insane traffic, and not to mention a bulk

Holiday Beauty Gift Guide: Below P500

We round up 15 beauty treats that fit the P500 budget.
 Holiday shopping might seem like a dreadful task for those who have very little patience with crowds and long lines. And with November coming to an end, it won’t be long before we have to brave the malls in search for those