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8 Fashion Girls You Should Be Following on Tiktok

It’s a thriving place for fashion inspiration.
Ladies, we have a confession, we’re hooked on Tiktok! Yes, the internet’s hub of reality show dialogue lip syncing and crazy dance challenges actually has us passing time (for more minutes—ok, fine—hours than we’d like to admit). We blame the endless scroll interface—it

Here's a Cool Way to Style a Dress That's Become Too Small

'Cause gaining inches around your midsection is a normal thing, girls.
Whether it's post-baby weight or simply time (and a much slower metabolism) altering your body, gaining pounds is a normal thing everyone has to deal with. It shouldn't cramp your style, though! Here's a super neat styling trick from Chriselle Lim on

LOTD: Here's a Trick to Hiding Your Post Pig-Out Food Baby

You won't believe your eyes.
Incoming optical illusion care of Chriselle Lim! The blogger very recently announced her second pregnancy, and the ringing question was: How did she manage to keep it a secret for five whole months, all while being active as usual on social media?! She