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8 Dainty Choker Necklaces That Are Perfect for Layering

So delicate and pretty!
While '90s-inspired chokers may no longer be the most stylish thing nowadays, it has shifted into a new breed of choker necklaces that remain to be popular. Instead of being chunky, now they take a minimalist, delicate, and dainty form that can

5 Kinds of Minimal Jewelry Every Girl Needs to Have

Shine on.
Elicit lingering glances with delicate jewelry that looks like you're wearing next to nothing. See dainty examples below!1. Ring AroundGet caught up in miniscule ropes.IMAGE Paolo CroduaCable Coil ring, P1010, RAM JEWELRY, ramjewelry.ph2. Floral FingeryContrast a softly blossoming dangler with a liner one.IMAGE

This Is the New Way You Should Be Wearing the Choker Trend

Think slim metals and dainty layers.
We don't blame you if you're getting kiiinda sick of the choker trend. After all, it did rule 2016 with an iron fist—or should we say a plush, velvet ribbon fist? While you can keep wearing your go-to black cord if you

10 Trends We Saw All Over Instagram in 2016

Did you wear these, too?
Collectively worn by celebs, influencers, and real girls alike, here are 2016's top fashion trends on Instagram:1. Off-shoulder necklinesWho didn’t wear an off-shoulder top or dress in 2016? Collarbones were the year’s erogenous zone, and they’re still going strong in the coming year.IMAGE INSTAGRAM/lornaluxe2. Choker necklacesHands

10 Stylish Alternatives to Your Favorite Black Choker

Shake things up!
The choker definitely makes for a look. You know, the look everyone's sporting these days, and with good reason: not only is it the style set's current favorite homage to the '90s, but it's also the perfect accessory to offset the equally

How to Upgrade Your Outfits With a Neck Scarf

Get those knots going!
A scarf is the choker's classy aunt. It's one of those simple accessories that give your outfits a pop of sophistication without much effort, although we won't deny that it can be a little intimidating at first. Think about this, though: If

3 Ways to Turn Your Shoelace Into a Fashion Accessory

Aside from, you know, actually wearing them on your sneakers.
Looks like we're all tied up. Ten days ago, Katie Rosebrook tweeted a photo of herself sporting a choker fashioned from a sneaker shoelace ribboned around her neck, declaring in the caption that she'd "never gotten so many compliments." Since then, her post

7 Wearable Trends to Keep in 2016

We’re just not ready to let them go.
We all love welcoming the new year with a clean slate and a fresh beginning. And although we are aware this requires us to leave some things behind, there are others we’re just not quite ready to let go of.Below, seven über

20 Celebrities We Spotted Wearing a Choker

It’s today’s hottest accessory trend.
The last time chokers were a trend, we were in grade school collecting Spice Girls stickers that came with a lollipop. Fast forward to 2015, and it’s back in the fashion game. From Hollywood to the local scene, everyone - models, fashionistas,