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We Found the Real Artist Behind Choi Ung's Works in "Our Beloved Summer"

He made a mini cameo in episode two!
If you have a penchant for Korean rom-coms then most probably, you’re familiar with the series Our Beloved Summer. The story revolves around ex-lovers, Choi Ung (Choi Woo Shik) and Kook Yeon-soo (Kim Da Mi) who were reunited through Ung's artwork five years after

The "Our Beloved Summer" Cast and Where You've Seen Them Before

Two of them have already worked together in a movie!
We're halfway through Our Beloved Summer and we've spotted a lot of familiar faces! If you're an avid K-drama fan, we're pretty sure you've already recognized some of the cast members from past shows, and that's because they have multiple projects under their

10 Things You Need to Know About Korean Actor Choi Woo Shik

He's close friends with Park Seo Joon and BTS' V!
There's no stopping the global Hallyu takeover. With Parasite still being the only international film to ever bring home the coveted Academy Award for Best Picture, we’d be remiss not to keep tabs on its cast and director.One to watch is the talented Choi Woo Shik.

10 K-Drama Stars Who Are Fluent in Another Language

From English to Mandarin to German!
Did you know that some of your favorite South Korean actors and actresses actually speak more than one language? While Korean might be their mother tongue, these K-drama stars can speak two or more languages as a result of either living in

7 K-Drama Stars Who Studied Abroad

They even got to immerse themselves in foreign cultures and learn new languages.
As K-drama enthusiasts, it's only natural to be fascinated by certain K-actors and actresses for their charms, visuals, and of course, acting skills. But aside from being ultra talented onscreen, a lot of our favorite actors are also intellectuals. Some even got