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China's Luxury Fashion Industry Might Just Be on Its Way to Recovery

People have gone back to spending big bucks on Chanel and Dior.
Emerging from the darkness of the COVID-19 pandemic, China's fashion industry is officially back on the upwards climb as coronavirus quarantine measures slowly relax.Store traffic stats in the country are recovering after crashing by 80% at the virus outbreak’s peak, drastically affecting sales

Cebu Pacific Cancels Flights to Mainland China Amid Coronavirus Scare

The airline is taking preventive measures.
The novel coronavirus has been spreading worldwide hysteria as the number of confirmed cases continues to rise. Countries have been taking the necessary precautions to prevent the virus from spreading within their territories. To take preventive measures, Cebu Pacific has just announced that

Here's How Much Travel Visas Cost for Filipinos

Better start saving now.
More and more countries are giving Filipino travelers the visa-free treatment. Sometimes, however, you still really want to see what Europe, Africa, and other places have to offer.We've already uncovered the cheapest European countries to fly to from Manila but before you make your way to

Check Out This Itinerary If You're Spending a Weekend in Shanghai

Shanghai is a charmingly chaotic mix of old and new.
I’ll have to admit that a trip to Shanghai was never really high on my bucket list—not anytime soon, at least. China always made me imagine rural provinces like Hunan, with its picturesque mountains and ancient towns. But articles and documentaries have

LOTD: Kelsey Merritt's Easy Styling Hack for Cold Weather Dressing

Just add a pop of scarlet.
You're lucky to be heading somewhere cooler for the holidays. That said, it can get pretty difficult to take stylish OOTDs in the bracing cold, so learn a thing or two from Kelsey Merritt's easy-peasy trick: clever color-coordination!Maybe your lola was right, after all:

How to Successfully Apply for a China Tourist Visa

Visit Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xiamen...
China is massive and, in turn, bursting with sights to see, foods to taste, and history to soak up. It's a direly underrated Asian destination, if you ask us! Whether you've been aching to walk the Great Wall or stroll down The

15 Budget-Friendly Countries to Visit Now

Tag your travel buddy!
On the hunt to quench your thirst for adventure? You've come to the right place! Tag your travel buddies and slowly tick off each country on this list. Don't worry about breaking the bank. All these places are budget-friendly. Scroll down to

4 Places to Visit in Shanghai

Old meets new in this bustling oriental city.
Shanghai is a city of contrasts, where towering skyscrapers mix with historical temples in a curious, melting pot of modernization and tradition. It’s a metropolis thriving with businesses – a place where the West meets the East in a fashionable display of


A Met Gala hangover: grab some popcorn and Yang Chow fried rice.
Clearly we’re still hung up on yesterday’s MET Gala whose current exhibition zones in on one of the most powerful nations of our time, China. So to put us in yet another very Asian mood, we’ve rounded up five films that show