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Japan Cancels Cherry Blossom Festivals Due to COVID-19 Outbreak

Better safe than sorry.
Traveling to Japan soon? If you're visiting the country in hopes to join in on the nationwide cherry blossom festivals scheduled this season, you may want to rethink your itinerary.In light of the growing COVID-19 outbreak, traditional spring festivals in Tokyo and

Here's Where You Can See Cherry Blossoms in the Philippines

Blooming cherry blossoms at Haight's Place in Benguet!
It seems like you no longer need to fly to Japan to see cherry blossoms or sakura up close. Haight's Place in Atok, Benguet, has been growing sakura trees that started blooming in 2018.More than a hundred sakura trees were first planted

When and Where to See the Cherry Blossoms in Japan This 2020

Plan your trip around these dates!
Ever dreamt of seeing the iconic cherry blossoms in Japan in person? If so, make sure to time your trip right—because the Sakura season, once in full bloom, only lasts up to two weeks. According to Japan Meteorological Corporation's forecast, the famed season

Here’s the Best Time to See Cherry Blossoms This Year

Book your trips on these dates!
Got a trip planned in March or April? Then you're likely hoping to see—and take photos of and with—the cherry blossoms, we assume. What many travelers don’t realize, though, is that the cherry blossom season is fickle and usually lasts around just two

The Philippines Has Its Own Cherry Blossoms and They're In Bloom Now

Time to plan that road trip.
Every spring, tourists from all over the world flock to Japan to catch the country’s beautiful cherry trees in bloom. The delicate sakura blossoms are such an iconic part of Japanese culture that checking the cherry blossom forecasts and holding viewing parties

These Photos Will Make You Want to Book a Trip to Japan, Stat!

Spring has arrived early in this town outside Tokyo.
It's around late March or early April that our feeds get peppered with posts of cherry blossoms from Japan. That's because the famous sakura flowers bloom during springtime around those months. But there's a small town outside of Tokyo called Kawazu where

15 Cherry Blossom Fragrances That Will Remind You of Springtime

One whiff is all you need.
Ah, spring! What we’d give right now to witness cherry blossoms in full bloom; its picturesque splendor worthy of a postcard, lush pink and white flowers teeming everywhere—what a beaut! But what if we told you that you don’t have to travel