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This Technique Will Change the Way You Apply Your Highlighter

It's a simple hack that will level up your highlighting game!
Do you sometimes notice that your highlighter looks unnatural no matter how much you blend it, follow the steps you find on YouTube tutorials, and even buy all the vlogger-approved highlighter products? You apply it on your face, expecting to look like

How to Perfectly Apply Cheek Tint Using Your Fingers

Certified streak-free.
Cheek tints are failproof if you want to give yourself a natural flush in a flash. Thing is, when applied incorrectly, they can end up looking patchy and uneven. Why is that? We asked Laura Mercier makeup artist Laila Al-Harthy, and here's

10 Blendable Liquid Blushes for Naturally Rosy Cheeks

No brush required!
This summer, change up your makeup routine and embrace your skin's natural glow. Skip the powder and heavy creams and opt for formulas you can pair with a no-makeup look. For quick and easy rosy cheeks, try a liquid blush you can effortlessly

10 Neutral Blushes for a Pretty, Natural Flush

Because boring colors actually look ultra pretty.
Not every part of your makeup looks need to be exciting. Sometimes, the "boring" colors can be the best addition to a look, if not a crucial part of it. Whether you're a dark lipstick or glitter eyeshadow kind of person, we

LOTD: Andi Manzano's Cheeky Apples

She shows off the anti-aging powers of blush!
Blush has more to it than just giving your cheeks a pop of color. The way you apply it on your face can actually pack a larger punch than most anti-aging products out there. And if you were blessed with high cheekbones

Best of Beauty 2016: Top 10 Blushes

Here's how we achieved the perfect flush.
Giving the skin a pop of color is the quickest way to combat a dull complexion. And even though we fell in love with highlighting last year, we remain die-hard blush fans. After all, a glow is more believable if it's paired

Best Of Beauty 2013: Cheeks

Here's a rundown of all the topnotch products to make our cheeks lifted, sculpted, and flushed.
Since we are done with the best skincare products and top face bases, let’s move over to the best blushes, bronzers, and highlighters. While foundations are created to make the canvas smooth and clear, the cheek army is tasked to bring life and dimension to